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Next time you fly, drink plenty of water, stretch your legs every hour, and stick your bags together with Atlantic Compass Unite and Link2Go™. Sett includes: Shoulder Tote, Wheeled Carry On Tote, 21" Carry-On Expandable Spinner, and 25" Expandable Spinner.
Luggage designers reserves the right to refuse any graphic that may be deemed inappropriate or obscene to any group or individual. 30 inch Tpro Bold Drop Bottom Rolling DuffelDuffel bags can be a handy alternative for the casual traveler who doesn’t want to lug around all the infrastructure associated with a rolling suitcase. Despite the general lack of structure with a duffel bag, you might have more organizational options in terms of little pockets throughout: on the exterior, the top, the bottom, and the sides. Travelpro 21 inch Blue Marquis SpinnerThat said, a traditional suitcase usually offers small garment sleeves where you can pack your dress clothes. Also, rolling suitcases often offer an expansion feature that duffels don’t always have.
Now more than ever before, airlines are looking for new ways to accommodate their passengers’ needs and stay ahead of the competition by coming up with new ways to provide faster, more efficient service. In an effort to provide a more efficient and stress-free experience for fliers, Edinburgh Airport’s new SONIC Common Use Bag Drop technology enables passengers to print their own luggage tag, weigh their bags and send them off to the appropriate location.
Atlantic brand luggage, part of the Travelpro family of brands and a market leader in the affordable, lightweight luggage segment since 1919, is pleased to introduce the Compass Unite, Atlantic Ultra LITE 2 and Odyssey Lite collections, designed for the family leisure traveler.
The Compass Unite Spinners collection is available in fashionable blue and black fabric colors. The Compass Unite Spinner line carries a 10-Year warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship. Another unique product line being introduced by Atlantic Luggage is the lightweight and family friendly Atlantic Ultra LITE 2 4-Wheel Spinner and Upright Collection. Ultra LITE 2 features a built-in wet pocket within the front pocket to store wet clothes, a 3-1-1 toiletry kit or even a drink, as well as a front pocket to provide easy access to travel documents, magazines, sweaters or last minute items. The Atlantic Ultra LITE 2 collection is available in attractive magenta and blue fabric colors.
Additionally, Atlantic Luggage rolls out the lightweight and elegant Odyssey Lite 4-Wheel Spinner Collection. The Atlantic Luggage Odyssey Lite collection is available in burgundy and black fabric colors. Since 1919, the Atlantic brand has been synonymous with affordable, value-added and lightweight luggage.
For twenty five years, Travelpro International has prided itself on design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for travelers worldwide. It all started when Robert Plath, a pilot for Northwest Airlines, changed the physical orientation of luggage from horizontal to vertical, added large wheels and an extension handle; hence, inventing the Rollaboard, an entirely new way to transport personal belongings while traveling. Plath founded Travelpro and began providing Rollaboard luggage to airline flight crews and pilots.
Today, Travelpro has continued to grow its reputation of innovation and style as one of the leading luggage brands worldwide.
Travelpro manufactures numerous luggage collections including Platinum 7, Crew™ 8, FlightPro LITE, Walkabout Lite 4, Maxlite 2 Rollaboards and Spinners, Executive Pro™ and Tpro Bold ™. For more information about Travelpro, please visit the Travelpro website for a complete list of the latest products and retail locations.
In late May, Travelpro showcased its new Platinum® 7 and Executive Pro™ collections at the National Basketball Association Trainers and Equipment Manager Tradeshows in Chicago.
The trainers and equipment managers were also impressed with the 30” Drop Bottom Rolling Duffel from the Platinum line. Travelpro Platinum 7 Rolling DuffelIdeal for coaches, scouts and the teams’ media, the lightweight Executive Pro Checkpoint Friendly briefcases were very well received. Last season, Travelpro provided luggage and business cases to ten professional basketball teams. But, few overseas trips combine discipline and pleasure quite like adoption travel — a series of complex journeys to a foreign country for the opportunity to enrich you and your spouse’s life, along with that of an orphaned or unwanted child.
International adoptions typically include several visits (pre-adoption, actual adoption and homeland heritage trips) and a certain amount of unpredictability due to the involvement of foreign bureaucracies. If bureaucratic oversights do delay your departure, use the opportunity to soak in more of the local landscape.
Should your budget allow (which, with the expense of an international adoption, isn’t always the case), homeland heritage trips are highly recommended. Great for casual travel, the rolling duffel is shaped like a barrel, typically soft and available in 22, 26, 28, 30, 32 and 42-inch sizes. This bag is a must-have for every traveler who wants to keep their suits, dresses, and fancy outfits wrinkle free. A good tip to avoid oversize luggage fees: Always call your airline in advance on both size and weight restrictions before you go to the airport. Innovation in both larger and smaller wheeled luggage is the hallmark of Travelpro, known worldwide as the Original Rollaboard®.
As the Holiday season approaches, Travelpro, Atlantic Luggage, and Austin House are pleased to announce the “2010 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers.” Make this a memorable holiday season with a gift from their superb and unique lines of luggage and travel accessories. For the frequent business traveler, the Crew™ 8 Checkpoint Friendly Computer Brief combines sophistication and functionality for the perfect holiday gift. For the adventure traveler, the compact, durable, and ultra-portable TPro® Bold™ 30” Drop Bottom Rolling Duffel from Travelpro is the ideal gift. Austin House, a leading brand of travel accessories, features a variety of practical and cost effective items that are ideal for loved ones who are always on-the-go. The Holiday Travel Guide also provides a number of stylish and useful gifts for the special woman in your life. Whether packing up for school or for their next family trip, Travelpro International offers the ECKO Unltd.® backpacks in a variety of unique styles that make great holiday gifts for the “fashionista” student. Austin House™ started in 1974 to make travel as safe, comfortable and hassle-free as possible.
Since 1919, the Atlantic® brand has been synonymous with affordable, value-added and lightweight luggage. For over two decades, Travelpro International has prided itself on design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for travellers worldwide. Here are three large luggage options to get you where you’re going without being too heavy or bulky.
The old duffel bags were giant canvas barrels you’d see soldiers carrying to and from their next duty station. If you need to take suits, dresses, or other business or fancy-dress outfits and want to keep them wrinkle free, a garment bag is going to be your best bet. For more information on Travelpro luggage, visit our Travelpro Retail Locator on our website.
After reading about Laura B, the MBA student who moved from the US to London, we wondered what it was like to prepare for a long-term overseas stay. Renting an unfurnished apartment and renting furniture is a great way to avoid excessive hotel fees; you will also have a place that feels (almost) like home, since you picked out the furniture pieces yourself. Make a friend in your new country, someone who can tell you where a good neighborhood would be to rent that unfurnished apartment is a big boon to your feeling of personal safety.
A word about buying clothes in a foreign country though – there is a sizing difference between European and Asian clothing sizes and U.S.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We tightly roll all of our clothing in our luggage and we even stuff our shoes with rolled clothing to maximize space.
We also weigh everything before we go to the airport so when we check our luggage, there are no surprises. I make a list to pack from and this list is great because I use it again when we are leaving to ensure we are bringing everything home. You can Win a Yellowstone National Park Adventure? by entering the Atlantic Luggage Sweepstakes. Stacie Haight Connerty, a social media consultant, is the Editor's Pick for Most Influential Southern Blogger from Circle of Mom's one of Cision Media's Top 10 Most Influential Mommy Bloggers and one of the HERoic: 10 Mommy Bloggers Who Rule Social Media. An Atlanta resident and lifelong writer, Stacie is the mother of three children (12 & under), leader of two Girl Scout troops, an active PTA member and married to the love of her life.
Stacie, a self-professed tech lover, foodie and social media junkie lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and children. Lines, fees, recirculated air, and deep-vein thrombosis don't exactly scream "vacation." Why not make things easier on yourself with the Atlantic Compass Unite luggage Set? Lines, fees, recirculated air, and deep-vein thrombosis don't exactly scream "vacation." Why not make things easier on yourself with the Atlantic Compass Unite series? We reserve the right because we wish to bring only fun and happiness to our customers and their friends.
They tend to be lighter and are sometimes easier to maneuver than their upright counterparts in the luggage world. A big duffel bag on wheels is narrower than a medium or large suitcase and it could even be a little easier to roll around a crowded airport. Some duffels even offer the benefit of a divider panel to separate the bag into two main compartments. A duffel is great for a totally casual trip, especially if you have a lot of shoes or a lot of power cords or odd shaped items.
So far, the program seems to be living up to expectations – in fact, according to some of the articles we’ve seen, the SONIC system has cut the baggage check-in process down to under 30 seconds. British Airways recently announced that they will begin testing on electronic bag tags in order to speed up both flight check-in and luggage drop-off times. The Compass Unite 4-Wheel Spinner Collection appeals to a broad range of leisure travelers who seek lightweight, quality travel luggage.
The collection includes the following models: Soft Tote, Wheeled Tote, 21” Expandable Carry-On Spinner, 25” Expandable Spinner and 29” Expandable Spinner. Receive a $15 mail-in rebate when you purchase (2) Atlantic Compass Unite Spinner Models and a $30 mail-in rebate when you purchase (3) Atlantic Compass Unite Spinner Models. This collection is the ultimate in lightweight luggage, allowing you to pack more and avoid airline overweight baggage fees. The collection includes the following models: Shoulder Tote, Carry-On Upright, 25” Upright, 28” Upright, Wheeled Tote, 21” Expandable Spinner, 25” Expandable Spinner and 29” Expandable Spinner. The Atlantic Odyssey Lite collection features a 4-Wheel Spinner System that rolls effortlessly in all directions through busy airports.
The collection includes the following models: Ladies Tote, Wheeled Tote, 21” Expandable Spinner, 25” Expandable Spinner and 29” Expandable Spinner.
As a market leader in the lightweight luggage segment, including neatly designed uprights and spinners to trendy and smart garment bags and totes, all Atlantic branded luggage is of superior quality and durability. Since transforming the ease of modern day travel with The Original Rollaboard wheeled luggage, Travelpro has been the brand of choice for flight crews and frequent travelers worldwide. The idea was so universally successful with the airline crews, Travelpro launched the product commercially through retail stores in the early 90’s and has been changing the way consumers travel ever since. Travelpro luggage is now used by over 80 airlines globally and is sold commercially throughout the world.
With the large spacious interior and patented padded foam bar to reduce wrinkles, it is the ideal bag to store the tall suits of players and coaches. The combination of checkpoint friendly (do not have to remove the computer through airport security), intelligent storage compartments and a padded laptop sleeve that holds most 17” laptops were valued features to make travel easier.
Some pursue the challenges of international commerce, while others seek relaxation in exotic locales. Therefore, we recommend planning your trip with a professional agent who specializes in adoption travel, and allowing ample time for unexpected delays.
Absorb as much as you can by keeping a journal and taking plenty of pictures as you interact with the locals.
Enabling your child to see his or her birthplace firsthand will deepen their appreciation for their native culture and their relationship with you. If you’re off on a longer trip and plan to pack a lot of stuff, consider the ‘Big Three’ of modern large luggage. Mid-sized wheeled uprights range from 23 inches to 26 inches and are ideal for weeklong trips.
Rolling or non-rolling, bi-fold or tri-fold, today’s garment bag comes with multiple exterior and interior pockets for organizing clothes, toiletries and electronics paraphernalia. The Checkpoint Friendly Computer Brief reduces the hassles of security checkpoints, allowing travelers to simply unzip the back of the computer briefcase and pass the bag through the X-ray machine. Whether travelling through city streets or rugged terrain, TPro Bold will make travel smooth and easy for your friend or family member’s next journey. The “2010 Holiday Travel Gift Guide for Travelers” includes the Austin House Flash Drive Combo Lock, which will keep your personal and business information protected while travelling.
Surprise her with the recently released Atlantic Ultra® Lite 22” Upright, a perfect gift constructed with an exceptionally lightweight honeycomb frame. This elegant hanger can be placed on nearby tables or desks to hang your purse, keeping them safe, clean and conveniently close-by. Each backpack includes features for student’s added comfort and ease, with padded carry handles and contoured, adjustable straps. Today, the strength of Austin House is its vast selection of travel essentials and clever ideas, including safety locks, travel clocks, luggage straps, luggage tags, passport and document holders, personal security, comfort and care items, leather goods, adapters and converters and electronics accessories. Since transforming the ease of modern day travel with The Original Rollaboard® wheeled luggage, Travelpro® has been the brand of choice for flight crews and frequent travelers worldwide. Thanks to the latest in luggage technology, the bags are bigger, but they’re a lot lighter too. But while the newer duffels are still barrel shaped, the Travelpro® duffels have wheels so you can roll them to the check-in line or out to your car. Our large luggage uses the same lightweight, strong materials to make traveling as easy as possible for you. For people who do a lot of international business travel, and are planning on staying in their new country for a year or more, the thought of relocating can be daunting. If you do decide to stay in a hotel, you may be allowed to leave your items in your room when you go back home for a visit. Having your luggage stolen from your new apartment would definitely put a kink in your business travel plans.
If you’re traveling to Italy, for example, clothes there may be more expensive because it is a fashion Mecca than if you were to buy clothes in a country that isn’t known for how the citizens dress. In order to maximize our luggage space and to always be able to bring home souvenirs, there are several things that we consistently do when traveling.

She writes about travel, food (with her chef husband), technology, beauty, fashion and DIY. With Atlantic's revolutionary Link2Go™ System, you can attach your bags back-to-back for easy-peasy navigation through the airport--no more being mistaken for a one-man band in the parking garage. Some of our rolling suitcase models also have expansion features, if you need to pack some additional items. If the Self-Tag program and other self-serve programs like it continue to be well-received, we anticipate that many other airlines will begin to roll out similar programs.
This 4-Wheel Spinner collection offers the revolutionary Link2Go System, an innovative way to connect luggage back-to-back with Velcro straps to easily roll two pieces with just one hand. This stylish 7-piece collection features roomy expansion on all Spinners and Upright models, plus plenty of pockets for packing flexibility. The Atlantic Ultra LITE 2 line carries a 10-Year warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship. Its strong extension handle system with Contour Grip is ideal for pushing the luggage down the aisles of airplanes. The collection is built to last and comes with a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Whether for business or pleasure, travel is easier with Atlantic luggage, now part of the Travelpro family of brands.
Travelpro is dedicated to building a lifelong relationship with its customers by consistently understanding and exceeding their needs. 9, 2012)—Travelpro will celebrate its 25th Anniversary of the invention of Rollaboard luggage throughout 2012 with an array of promotions, dynamic new product introductions, special events and media co-ops.
Additionally, Travelpro purchased the well-respected Atlantic Luggage and Austin House to fortify its brand presence in the Luggage and Travel Accessories industry. In addition to casual clothing, this duffel can effectively store many large-sized shoes for long road trips.
The Department of Health and Human Services indicated that over 20,000 Americans adopted foreign-born children in 2002, over 75% of whom came from China, Russia, Guatemala, South Korea and the Ukraine. When packing your Travelpro Rollaboards, make sure you leave enough space for your child’s belongings for the return trip.
Unlike the old days of heavyweight trunks and military-style duffels, today’s bigger bags are super lightweight and roll on wheels, just like their smaller carry-on cousins. Those ranging from 27 inches to 30 inches are referred to as large wheeled uprights, perfect for packing bulky clothes. Some brands include 2-inch expansions at each end for up to 20 percent more packaging space.
While this bag is designed to hold typically 6 to 8 garments, smaller versions – known as suiter systems – are integrated into larger upright luggage. The Austin House Dual Voltage Kettle will allow your friends or family members to have their morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate wherever they are. Weighing just 6.5 pounds, the Atlantic Ultra Lite 22” Carry-On can be easily lifted into and out of cars and airplane overhead bins.
Another gift, that will please any lady in your life, is the stunning, faux Croco collection, which includes a compact jewelry case, travel wallet and passport cover. They also include special pouches with external headphone ports that hold most MP3 players. A one-stop shop for travel accessories, Austin House is the essential resource for the serious traveler. Rather than a fourth of your total weight being tied up in the suitcase itself, the new large bags from Travelpro are lightweight, sturdy, and they roll.
The larger versions — ranging from 27 – 30 inches — are better for longer trips, or packing bulky clothes (think weeklong ski trip or winter vacation). They also come with exterior and interior pockets, so you’re not just throwing loose items at the bottom of the bag, hoping nothing gets damaged.
When you are packing for long-term travel, investigate rolling luggage options, as they’re easier to maneuver, and many are expandable to hold more of your stuff. It’s not just about the numbering difference, either – you may be traveling to a country where the general population is bigger or smaller than the United States’ general population, so there may be less availability for clothes in your size. If you don’t want to use that bottom compartment, you can also zip out the interior separator and just have one big packing space.
The smooth-action and strong telescoping handle system has two extension stops at 38” and 41” to meet the ergonomic needs of travelers of various heights. Other features include two easy access front pockets, a document pocket and a convenient built-in Laundry Locker that can store wet or dirty clothes, drinks or even a 3-1-1 toiletry kit.
The company offers a variety of innovative, high-quality luggage collections and computer briefs; each aimed at a specific user lifestyle and rigorously tested. Magazine listed Plath’s Rollaboard invention as one of the top innovations in modern history.
Anything over 30 inches has the potential of being charged by air carriers for being oversized. Plus they can feature multiple exterior pockets, water bottle holders and even specially lined pockets to store cold drinks and warm food. Removable suiters and full garment bags alike easily hang up in closets and often include storage for shoes and accessories.
Another great gift choice from the stylish and durable Crew 8 Collection is the 20” Wide Body Expandable Rollaboard®, designed for convenience and efficiency while travelling. Another great gift option for women is the AtlanticTM Insulated Lunch Totes, a fashionable collection of totes at very affordable price points. Some of the models also have 2-inch expansions at either end, as well as exterior pockets, water bottle holders, and even lined pockets to hold cold drinks and warm food. Large garment bags typically hold 4 – 8 suits or outfits, and can be checked in at the ticket counter. While most large uprights come with 2 wheels, spinner luggage features a 4-wheeled (or even 8-wheeled) rolling system. Another innovation is the drop-bottom, which incorporates a zippered panel to create two packing spaces or one large compartment. This Rollaboard model contains easily accessible, large front pockets for last-minute items, a number of internal pockets for organization, and a hidden security pocket for the storage of valuables. Some of our upright models even come with 4-wheeled and 8-wheeled rolling systems, which are great for people with sore backs or mobility concerns.
This intelligently designed luggage collection also features a rugged honeycomb frame and EVA foam construction for lightweight durability. An excellent choice for anyone with back or mobility issues, spinners allow you to roll the bag in any direction without tilting the luggage to roll it. Suffice to say; today’s duffel has come a long way in terms of maneuverability, style and functionality. You can push, pull or glide bags sideways, a real convenience in crowded check-in and security lines.

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