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We haven’t been able to get to the parks recently but, alas, hints of Disney can be found within our home at any given time. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have plans set just yet for our next Disney vacation but, when we do, you can certainly bet that I’ll be packing up and bringing this little fella along!
We had plenty of food to go around including rainbow cookies and a colorful pasta dish to match the Disney and Mickey Mouse party theme.
Add to that, the fact that a good friend of mine and Disney Vacation Club (DVC for we seasoned Disney folk) enthusiast, even brought along some Mickey Mouse topped brownies! We even had Disney themed trivia and bingo, some awesome signs to color to support the athletes of Run Disney and favorite teams in partnership with ESPN Wide World of Sports. Not wanting to leave our adult guests out, we sent them all home with their own package of HP Photo Paper so that they, too, could print and enjoy their Disney memories. All in all, it was an absolutely spectacular celebration and we all had a mouse-tastic time!
Randi is a stay-at-home mother to two wildly crazy little boys, in love with one hell of a great man, a hobbyist writer and, more or less, glued to her camera.
I am very goofy, in fact I was goofy around my son when he was growing up, and now my son is even goofier than I am.
Like you said we all have that disneyside to us and who wouldn’t want to celebrate and have a Disney Party. Love the Disney decorations, she is really into michkey’s club house show right now too. Disney brings out all of the child-like behaviors in all of us as there is so much awesomeness going on. I love Disney and I believe that everyone has grew up with Disney one way or another…my son is even watching Mickey on Disney Jr. Seems like a great way to eexperience Disney at home and something the kids and parents will all have a fun time doing together! We are not particular big fans of the original Disney characters: Mickey, Miney, Goofy, Pluto, etc. When DD14 and I put the suitcase on the floor and opened it, the cat decided that she needed to check it out.  Secretly, I think that she remembers being left at the vet during our last trip and think that she was trying to see if she could fit comfortably, so she could stow away for our next trip.  What do you think? The iLite Supreme luggage isn’t sold in Disney, but it is available from other sources, like Amazon and directly from American Tourister.
I like how sturdy the luggage feels and how easy it is to maneuver along the floor.  I can’t wait to try out this luggage on a real trip! I just received an American Tourister Colora Spinner in bright orange for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Even the smallest carry-on, the 20” spinner provides a lot of space to pack more fun.

If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginHow many of you have a Goofy side?
You know, the go to work, handle the bills, manage finances, be the strict parent, responsible side.
It’s the side of you that laughs more, screams more, and just plain lives life to the fullest. In addition to the cute little Disney luggage tag that they threw in this suitcase is one of the greatest I’ve used thus far. For now, though, having it filled to the zipper with all kinds of Disney fun is certainly a plus! But, of course, the sweet treats are always the best at any get together so we were sure to include those as well. To all of the fun that was Disney that day, we opted to add in our own celebration, and surprised one of our guests with a Disney themed ice cream cake to boot!
The kids had a blast decorating these and even used some Disney cookie cutters as stencils! Along with the massive amount of goodies and gear that Disney sent me, they included some super sweet (and giant!) Valentine’s Day cards to color on, write on, and mail out just in time for the holiday. I loved being able to show off my #DisneySide and, better yet, being able to share that with our family and friends. In a world where making mud pies, searching for bugs and racing Matchbox cars have become her forte, her true passion can be found all around her (or attached to her hip) at any given moment - her family. I took a trip to Disney with hubby and our niece but now that we have children, our sons have been asking to go. Did you know American Tourister is the Official Luggage of Walt DisneyWorld and Disneyland?
I also like that it has two handle grips which will make it easier to get into and out of the carry on bins on the plane.
However, while that may be just fine and dandy, we all have to let loose from time to time and, yes, let out our Goofy sides. It’s the side of you that comes out to play the moment you and your family step through the gates of a Disney theme park. When the opportunity came up, I jumped all over it like a Disney princess riding away on a beautiful horse with her prince at the reigns.
Not only is it quite light (huge bonus for air travel!) and on sturdy wheels, but it features multiple carrying options making it super easy to travel with.
The kids helped me make the equally colorful cupcakes donned with sprinkles, both, inside the batter and atop the icing! As a mom in the planning stages for her own son’s birthday party, she was quite shocked to have a surprise of her own.

All of the kids in attendance had an absolute blast with the Pin the Nose on Mickey Mouse game and one of the little ones even managed to get his nose right on target, exactly! And, of course, these sweet cards featured none other than Disney’s ever so lovable mouse-eared couple – Mickey & Minnie! I would love to visit Disney land though my husband use to live in FL and basically lived there…Im jealous! My niece Stella discovered Minnie Mouse a few months back (she turned 2 in November) and now all she watches is Minnie and Mickey. And for those of you wondering, yes, the capital “G” was intentional because, after all, our wacky and silly sides are indeed our “Goofy” sides – our Disney sides! Just about everything featured the adorable fan favorite, Mickey Mouse, and the rest of the Fab Five. Their favorite part was getting to top all of them off with fun Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Daisy cupcake picks. We have an abundance of photographs from our own Disney adventures but, in this day and age, most of these pictures haven’t made it much further than my computer’s hard drive. One of the things that make that not fun is the fact that there are so many pieces of luggage that look the same. I am not required nor was I asked to blog about my experiences or any items I receive in connection with the event. Whether you’re going all out for a trip to Disney, sporting a favorite character on your shirt for the day, wearing a good ol’ pair of mouse ears, or even just dancing around your living room to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog song, your #DisneySide is always there.
Snacks, utensils, plates, napkins, and even some great party favors all made an appearance here.
However, now that Disney has partnered with HP, I can easily print out these photos right at home and even add in some exciting Disney designs while I’m at it! I remember when we took my hubby’s niece and nephew to Disney for the first time the surprise on their faces was priceless.
The party favors went out to each kid in attendance and included everything from Disney Craisins, lollipops, and whistles to stickers, wristbands, pencils, and temporary tattoos – all fitting the Disney theme of course! I can’t wait to take my little niece once she gets older and I love the Disney cake and cupcakes. It will be much easier to maneuver around the airport for my little princess with all four wheels spinning.

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