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Hi guys, it’s Muriel here with a product review blog post about travel adapter plugs.
You see, when I went to Canada back in 2010, I discovered that the connectors were different from the ones in Europe.
Now you know why I decided to review a travel adapter plug or more specifically one that works in almost all parts of the world.
If you read my previous product review blog posts, you must be surprised why I gave this product such a high grade. Some people said that they found this product to be small and light, so it’s convenient to carry it with them. Many people said that because of this fact, the adapter plugs performed very well and they could easily connect all of their electronic devices to them.
That’s another plus because to me it means that the adapter plugs work with devices other than laptops and smart phones, too. All right guys, it’s time to take a step back from the excitement you must be feeling when you read this blog post and look at the negative aspects, too. I would expect the manufacturer to respond to the complaints of their customers in a timely manner, but sadly, they didn’t. Other than that, I saw that some people indicated that the manufacturer of this product didn’t use the best quality materials while building it. Some people gave the travel adapter plugs a bad rating, because they didn’t seem to work consistently.
I guess, that’s okay, because you wouldn’t carry such a product with you anywhere you go, would you?

The second piece of advice I want to give to you is to be careful when you insert the plug into the socket, because the receptacles are tight. I give you this piece of advice, because the person with the British adapter plug used this to charge a device inside a train. By now, you must have a very good idea why this product has so many great reviews and why I agree with them. Of course, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and I hope you found it helpful.
This scale and tape measure set features a rubber comfort handle and sturdy, chrome-plated steel baggage hook. The range features a lightweight body; yet is strong and offers maximum capacity especially for the cabin size. Yes, when you’re planning on traveling internationally, this is something you should look into. In the next section of this review, I’ll discuss the positive aspects that I found while researching this product. This product has many positive aspects with the most important one being the fact that you get five travel adapter plugs for the price of one. Simple, you can never go wrong as to which adapter plug you use as a power converter for your electronic devices.
The most important negative aspect I found was the lack of response to people who left a bad product review.
I did, however, find a link to answered questions, but to me it’s not the same as responding to product reviews. Personally, I think that the reason why the plugs don’t work consistently is that they get overheated very easily after using them for hours on end.
After reading this review very carefully, I decided to include another section in this blog post with some useful tips to make your experience with this product a good one.
Because you bought this product doesn’t mean that the adapter plugs will convert the voltage for your electronic devices, too. Lastly, I want to give you some advice based on the product review I read about the British adapter plug being flimsy. Eventually the plug couldn’t be removed safely and the train staff had to be informed.

If you have any questions about this blog post or suggestions for improvement of your overall user experience, please leave a comment below.
This is wonderful information for those who don’t travel very often who might not even think of this potential problem. Complete with a fixed TSA combination lock for easy travel and 360° spinner wheels, the HS MV+ suitcases provides maximum packing capacity for those who want to maximise their traveling experience. Another important positive aspect that I found was that each adapter plug is suitable for different countries or continents.
When possible you should only connect your electronic devices to the grid when you’re not inside a train or at another shaky place. I found out the hard way myself, so that’s why I want to help others preventing this situation from occurring.
These things were overlooked by me during my trip to Canada back in 2010, so I can relate to that.
It is terrible to take a laptop, phone or other device on a trip and not be able to use it.
Yes I made the same mistake in the past, but after researching this product, I won’t make that mistake again.
On top of that, Ceptics also includes a nice pouch, which allows you to store all the plugs in one place, and you’ll know exactly where you left them. To know which adapter plug to use in what country, you only have to look at the countries or continents labeled on each plug. As soon as I add new content to my website, I share it on these pages and you’ll be the first one to know. Well, companies create all sorts of new products, so why not versatile travel adapter plugs? I saw that this manufacturer also made travel adapter plugs specifically for Europe and Asia. It can be even more stressful when friends and family are waiting for a message from you that you arrived safely.

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