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Size limits for carry-on bags have been in place since 2008, but inconsistently enforced by airlines beyond the occasional spot checks.
Some travelers contend the new rule by United Airlines to enforce carry-on luggage is part of a broader attempt to garner more fees for the airline. United spokesman Rahsaan Johnson said the enforcement was meant to address customer complaints.
The airline is likely to financially benefit if more passengers are turned back at security and forced to pay the $25 baggage fee.
The best way to stop oversized baggage from entering the aircraft is at check-in where the passengers can be informed of the new rules instead of at the security check in area.
United Airlines collected $638 million in checked-bag fees last year and could increase that average to $700 million with its new rule. And a large number of foreign-based airlines have strict (and surprisingly low) weight limits for such bags. You can download Carry On Luggage Size United Airlines in your computer by clicking resolution image in Download by size:.
DISCLAIMER: All background wallpapers found here are believed to be in the "public domain". The Chicago based airline is cracking down on passengers arriving at airport gates with oversize carry-on bags.

United Airlines believes its new approach will ensure passage luggage will be reliably reviewed at the security checkpoints prior to boarding. The rules have been displayed for years and passengers purchasing their tickets over the internet receive confirmation emails concerning carry-on restrictions. United Airlines contends that by ensuring that compliance, all passengers will have space available in the overhead bins. Too many late arriving passengers have been forced to check in their bags due to a lack of overhead space. Other plans to increase revenue are the sale of extra legroom sections and quiet sections of the plan free from cell phone use and crying children. Weighing just 88 pounds, it’s the first time an automaker has attempted to run a LeMans car with a three-cylinder engine (at least on purpose), and Nissan says on a power-to-weight ratio the motor outperforms the complicated hybrid power units now mandated for Formula 1 cars. United employees will send passengers back to the ticket counter to check in their luggage for a $25 fee per bag is the carry-on bag is deemed too large to fit in the overhead compartment. United workers will seek baggage they consider larger than the currently allowable nine by 14 by 21 inches. The last passengers boarding an aircraft have routinely found no room left for their bags and have been forced to check them in as regular luggage.
The new process will most likely delay the boarding process even further unless United provides a better education process for passengers.

Brian admits to been whacked more than a few times when people load their possessions into the overhead compartments. United Airlines an enforcement carry-on luggage rules are the airline’s latest attempt to expedite passenger boarding and ensure everyone has a place for their carry-on luggage. Next year, the carrier also will introduce the first of its Boeing 737-900 aircraft, which have bigger bins.
Passengers can still bring one more personal item such as a purse or laptop that fits under the seat in front of them.
Those heavier items tend to shift during a flight and can come tumbling down when someone opens the latch either during flight or when the plane lands. US Airways expanded bins on its 24-strong Boeing 757 fleet in 2008 to fit bags in lengthwise.
Now the airlines will be the gestabo–checking everyone and every piece of luggage–do you think that will enhance airlne travel?

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