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The acceptable carry on bag size for each airline, and in some cases each aircraft is different.
The TSA provides the SizeWise units you see in most airports, the premise is that if your bag fits inside this container then you can carry it on the plane as it will fit in the overhead bin and leave the space at your feet for your laptop bag, purse, or backpack (your personal item). In addition to the size of the bag varying by airline, in order to confuse you further the weight also varies. So, keeping in mind that the above is a guide and that each airline provides their own rules for carry on size. On a similar note, Ryanair has teamed up with Samsonite to offer a hard-shell carry-on bag which is guaranteed to meet the airline’s carry-on luggage weight and size restrictions. And, sensing a commercial opportunity because of consumer’s anxiety that they won’t be able to take their luggage onboard, Ryanair and Samsonite have come up with a lightweight carry-on bag which (when properly packed) complies with Ryanair’s approved carry-on bag dimensions.
The Samsonite F’Lite 55cm suitcase weighs 3.2kg and is from made of hard wearing polypropylene. With 75 million passengers per year, Ryanair is an interesting distribution partner for Samsonite. Items in excess of the maximum limitations above may not be permitted in the cabin on flights departing from Dubai. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking.
This amount includes seller specified UK postage charges as well as applicable international postage, handling, and other fees. Youa€™ll see an estimated delivery date - opens in a new window or tab based on the sellera€™s dispatch time and delivery service.
The following advice should help you understand how you can reduce or avoid most baggage fees, or how to reduce them if you have to check bags. Most airlines let you travel with a carry-on bag, as well as one smaller personal item such as a purse or backpack, without charge. For US carriers, the typical size limits for carry-on bags are that the sum of the height, length, and width of the bag should be less than 45 linear inches (114 cm), and the weight under 40 pounds (18.2 kilos). Personal items must be small enough to fit under the seat, and for most aircraft that means it has to be much smaller than a carry-on, with a typical limit being 36 linear inches. While a few airlines still allow you to check one bag for free, most charge you for the first checked bag, just about all of them charge higher fees for each additional bag.

Most airlines have limits on the maximum size and weight of checked bags, and may not even allow you to check oversized or overweight items. Carry-on and checked luggage size and weight rules may vary by airline or by flight, so you may want to check with your airline before you fly. Typically, international flights have different rules from domestic flights, so if the first leg of your trip is a domestic flight, but your destination is overseas, then the international baggage fee rules may apply.
When you search for flights, you should also check the baggage rules for the airline, especially if it is the first time you have used this airline, or if you are doing something associated with higher fees such as international travel, travel with several checked bags, or travel with oversized or unusual items.
Often, if you are a premium member or your airline's frequent flyer program, you may be able to check one or more bags for free. Also, for US airlines, active duty military personnel or their family members traveling on official orders may be able to check bags for free in some circumstances. When you travel in a group of two or more people, each ticketed passenger has the same free baggage allowance. For example, if you are flying with a child, that child would typically also be able to have a free carry-on bag and personal item. Examples include medical equipment such as crutches, canes, and portable oxygen concentrators, as well as infant car seats, and strollers. For example, for an international flight, the fee rules for someone leaving the country may be different for a passenger returning back to that same country. While your bag fees will likely be the same if you are taking a domestic round trip with the same airline, that may not be the case if you purchased a ticket that involves different airlines for different parts of the trip. If in spite of your best efforts, you get to the airport and find that you have to pay a baggage fee, be prepared to do so. If you think that you were wrongly charged, make sure you keep all your documentation, including any receipts, and ask for a refund at a later time.
If you think you were wrongly charged and don't get a refund, you may have to complain to the airline to get your money back. There are of course exceptions for luggage sets and the like but generally, we are trying to present bags that will fit in the overhead bin or can be used as your personal item.
This has led to an increase in the size and amount of carry on luggage that passengers take on board, which in turn has caused issues with available space in the overhead bins. AirBaltic normally charges passengers in Economy a fee of EUR20 to 30 per checked bag one way.

Each Ryanair passenger (excluding infants) is permitted to carry one piece of cabin baggage on board free of charge, which should weigh no more than 10kg and not exceed the maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Raymond is a frequent presenter at in-house trend sessions at airlines and airline suppliers around the globe, as well as at industry events such as the Aircraft Interiors Expo and Future Travel Experience. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods and will depend on when your payment clears - opens in a new window or tab. The most common type of carry-on bag has a height of 9 inches (23 cm), a length of 22 inches (56 cm), and a width of 14 inches (35 cm).
The shape of the space under the seat may vary by aircraft, so it may be best to use something that does not have rigid sides, like a purse or backpack, so it can more easily fit into an oddly shaped space. The typical limit will be on the size of the bag (specifically the longest dimension of the bag), and on the weight. That is the length, plus the width, plus the height must be less than 45 inches combined total. Airlines such as American Airlines have responded to this by introducing early boarding fees, allowing passengers to board early so they can store their luggage, while low-cost airline Spirit Airlines has even introduced a fee of USD20 to USD40 to take hand baggage on board. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Bags that exceed these limits may face additional fees or may not be allowed on the aircraft at all.
Of course, an odd shaped bag could fit this total and still not fit in the overhead bin so try to stay with some of the more traditional bags. A hand held luggage scale makes this easy to check and helps you avoid excess luggage fees.
A hand held luggage scale makes this easy to check and helps you avoid excess luggage fees.So, keeping in mind that the above is a guide and that each airline provides their own rules for carry on size.
Sports equipment and musical instruments are subject to the same size and weight restrictions. If cabin baggage is not accepted by Emirates ground staff a handling fee of AED 50 per item may.

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