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Commencing next Monday 13th August, new cabin baggage allowances come into effect across all Aer Lingus short-haul and transatlantic routes.
An enhanced allowance is available to Gold Circle, Business Class and Flex Fare customers who may take an additional small piece, such as a slimline laptop bag onboard.
For Aer Lingus Regional, the standard allowance dimensions have been slightly reduced to allow stowage on the different versions of the ATR fleet. The new allowance follows a recent review, involving customer and staff input, to reduce delays and frustration caused by cabin baggage issues during boarding. This should be fun… next up is airport shops complaining of reduced sales due to passengers afraid to make purchases as their one bag is full. NEIL STEEDMAN has been a trade journalist, copywriter, editor and proofreader for 50 years, and News & Features Editor for ‘Irish Travel Trade News’ for the past 40 years. are happy to handle your Aer Lingus flights however a small handling fee may apply. are happy to handle your Ryan Air flights however a small handling fee may apply. About Breakaway.ieBreakaway have been the Official Distributor for Disneyland Paris in Ireland since the resort opened in 1992, then known as Eurodisney.

For the best value offers to Disneyland Paris, backed up by our expert and professional staff contact us or check out our offers online. is part of the Neenan Travel Group, we are licensed (TA0203) and bonded for your peace of mind. Our Baggage Handlers have a crucial role in ensuring that our passengers' baggage is transported safely to its correct destination. The efficiency of baggage delivery can have a big impact on whether an aircraft can push back on time. The new allowance is a standard single piece of cabin baggage with the permissible cabin baggage size being increased. In addition, a small ladies handbag or gents satchel, within a specific size, may also be carried but must be placed under the seat in front. New cabin baggage size gauges have been installed at all airports across the Aer Lingus network to support the implementation of the new allowance. We go round and round in circles regarding luggage: airlines don’t seem to get it that passengers when travelling wish to carry items with them, so it’s up to airlines to address the issue by catering for this.
I have had so many experiences of selfish people hogging too much space while I wait in vain, quite often, to find space for my small luggage bag.

Air France specially negotiated fares may be held with a deposit up to 35 days prior to departure. Our Baggage Handlers know how important it is to work quickly to ensure baggage is loaded and unloaded in sufficient time to keep flights on schedule. Making travellers with luggage feel fearful of those scales and measuring cage at boarding isn’t going to increase their frequency of flying and the airlines’ profitability. Every bag needs to be scanned so that it can be retrieved quickly if, for example, the bag's owner does not board the aircraft. From the passenger's point of view, the ticket they pay for is to get them AND their bag to their destination.
As a Baggage Handler you will need to be conscientious and quick to ensure you play your part in the aircraft taking off on time. And every single bag must be scanned before it is put into a can so that it can be retrieved very quickly if, for example, the bag's owner doesn't board.

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