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Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your 4Runner, and have a great time with other 4Runner fans. I took off my factory roof racks to put a set of extra wide Thule racks on so I could transport 2 canoes.
They are called "star grip knobs" and can be ordered in many sizes from places like Grainger for about $4.99.
Just wanted everyone to see Blakes work all it needs is its paint job which is being done as we speak.
Making a custom roof rack for my 2nd gen and was wondering how some of the others are mounted up when changing from factory rack to custom.

I was thinking, for a slicker look I might lose the two main stock rack cross members & bolt the rack to the stock bows instead.
I was thinking on using the side rails mounting points where the cross bars attach already. Now, I went to put my factory racks back on and I seemed to have lost 2 of the 4 bolts (see the pic below) that attach them to the runners on the roof.
When I do, I agree the third break light cover looks like the obvious spot to run the wires into the vehicle. It has solid steel mounting legs and mounts directly into the factory roof rack bolt holes.

Just got the pics of the finished product and ships out monday but I cant post pics of it on my t4r til I get back from Iraq but as soon as I do im def.
But if you're worried about liability, say in an accident, it'd be wise to stay close to the recommended limit if using the stock rails. It is also professionally powder coated with textured black and has stainless steel hardware.

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