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Guts Smokehouse BBQ cooks up dinner for Pigs On the Run thanking them for sponsoring us at the competition. When you become part of the Guts Smokehouse BBQ crew, you too can sleep in a luxurios wardrobe, with the finest of life's ammenities, each night at a competition.
This picture may not look like much to most but it captures a moment in time that generates many emotions for me. Keep away all you common'ers, this is Guts Smokehouse BBQ's "private" porta-potty, and we have the key to prove it! It's Saturday morning and the presentation experts are busy prepping the greens for the boxes.
Guts checking the doneness of each rack of ribs making sure only the best get sent to the judges. What a gorgeous rack of baby backs, all ready to be laid on a beautiful bed of greens that took almost and hour and a half to prepare. Jeff and Guts doing some initial checkout of one of the four beef briskets smoked for competition.
Here we are parked outside of our traditional stop at the mid-way point home, the Wawa in Salisbury. Line dancing and face painting entertained the girls as they danced to the music of our good neighbors all night long.
The next invention-prototype from Fred, a grill that cooks from the top and bottom at 700 degrees fahrenheit.
The pit area loaded for bear with more seasonings, spices, sauces, rubs, marinades, mops than you can shake a stick at.
Guts looking for some good bark on this nicely cooked pork shoulder, which ended up taking 3rd place honors.

Hedley brothers Stephen and Matt proudly displaying their team shirts as another dish is prepped for hand-in to the judges. This is what a professional barbecue cook-off will do to even the young 'stallions' of today.
Sarah and Nathan display their trophy for finishing 2nd place in beef for "Kids 10 and under" in Pennsylvania, 2006!
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Most commonly used ice for everyday cooling; available in seven-, ten-, twenty- and forty-pound bags that can handle any cooling job, big or small.
Crush ice is smaller pieces that cube ice, it almost resemble small ice pellets, about the size of a garbanzo beans, is commonly used to display cold products.
Please, call before coming to pick up crushed ice, we make it fresh for you so it does not re-freeze into a solid piece.
Shaved ice is smaller pieces that cube ice similar to snow and is usually used for making snowcones or drinks like smoothies, shakes, or cocktails drinks like margaritas and etc. Please, call before coming to pick up shaved ice, we make it fresh for you so it does not re-freeze into a solid piece. Dry Ice is a Co2 gas that has been compressed into solid and its temperature can reach 114 degrees below zero. Dry ice can be used for transporting or temporary storage of frozen foods, laboratory samples, medicine, etc. Before buying dry ice, make sure to check with whatever company you are shipping the items, to verify the amount of dry ice that can be used for shipping, also if traveling check with the airlines to see what is their limit. In case of power outage, dry ice can be used to maintain or reduce temperature inside refrigerator or freezer.

Dry ice could be used for special effects, such as in creating smoke like effect for (like Halloween) parties. The following are some examples of how dry ice can be use for special effects or experiments. Put the dry ice on a surface and pour cold water over it to make it evaporate or hot water to make it evaporate faster and create a smoke looking effects.
Each pound of dry ice gives a certain amount of evaporation (smoke looking effect) with the above we can create bigger special effect for short time or a smaller special effect for a longer time. Dry ice is a liquid that has been turned into a solid, that means that it will evaporate instead of melting. IF YOU HAVE ANYMORE QUESTIONS, please call us at (310) 828-0323. All bagged ice is available for pick up at any of our three locations by the bag or in bulk quantity. The Ice Shot is a concept that is currently being sold to bars, restaurants, events, weddings, and home gatherings. The best way to dispose of any left over dry ice is to put inside a cooler, plastic bucket or even a paper bag and let it evaporate in its own, just making sure that no adult, children or pets don't touch it, since they may get freezer burns. The Ice Shot is made with a highly pure quality water under exceptionally cold temperature. Please park at the Parking Lot behind the Market Liquor Store building and enter the corner store from the front, it is a department in the back.

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