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We are now presenting the popular 32 Inch Large Folding Wheeled Travel Sports Cargo Holdall Duffle Bag at a reduced price. Latest collection from FlyGear cargo holdall is made with super lightweight hardwaring tough polyester material, packed with all the essential features. I read some where that Specialized is rolling the 32" out next year, this should set the industry on fire, seeing that this larger wheel will out preform anything else on the market today, can't wait! The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. They are currently blowing off the 27.5 hype coming out of OEM deals and, well, you know how the 29er story went. I was at walmart today (I only go a couple of time a year) and was disappointed to not see any there 32ers there. So far from Walmart we’ve found fixed gear, fat bikes, kids fat bikes, and more fixed gear bikes.
I saw these in one Wal-mart, one time, a couple of summers ago, no one believed me…actually, my in store picture looks a lot like this.
At our shop we just take a 29er tube and stretch it a little bit, most people are BLOWN AWAY to here that no one makes a tube to fit.

As a person who works in a bike shop in a large, metropolitan area within 5 miles of a wal-mart…. Do people really think that Bikerumor, a site dedicated to rumors for bike snobs, is pushing a W__M___ bike by posting a description of it on their site? If anything, I look at this as something we should collectively look down our noses at and ridicule.
It's not wheel size that makes a better rider, it's the rider that makes the wheel size work for their ability. Don't miss it - purchase the 32 Inch Large Folding Wheeled Travel Sports Cargo Holdall Duffle Bag online today!
I understand if this post was strictly portraying a retail bike that has 32″ wheels as being different. If you look at all the research being done exclusively by the companies that have invested heavily in the 32, it is the one ring to rule them all.
I peeled off all the stickers and my favorite local mechanic rebuilt the rear hub (the guys at walmart crushed a bearing during assembly) Now it is smooth and quiet like a cat in the night. Just replace bottom bracket, stem and rear nub for nexus 3 ( drilled it for 72 holes and laced 2 from 3 to make 48 spokes fit ) and you are golden.

For reference, I own 5 bikes, including a Specialized Tarmac and a 29er SS mtn bike that I custom built, and I've been a mtn biker for 20 years.
The wheels are significantly bigger than my 29er wheels, and the bike is almost 18" longer than the 29er. This thing is smooth,stable, pretty fast for what it is,and and all in all - a beautiful ride. Think of the long-winded arguments we could have about rolling resistance and flickability! Strong wheels and long wheelbase make it really comfortable unlike other bikes designed by gnomes for tall people that grow frame up without really increasing wheelbase. Wish it had better tires as once I started to ride it down stairs tire cord started to break.
The thing goes 10-12mph without barely pedaling and the gearing is perfect for me, and I am 6'1 and 245 lbs.

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