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And just to add, i already ordered 1 for myself ( and 1's the quota i think) so i can't help you order through my amazon MO.
Buy all stuffs from USA and ship to seller's place, ask them pack and ship back using same shipping rate can? I ask them what their warranty covered and the person told me only manufacturer defect which was able to repair. If you really want a luggage whose manufacturer can stand behind their warranty (unlike Samsonite POS) get Briggs and Riley. Even premium brands like Tumi (no longer lifetime now only 5 yrs warranty) find it hard to fight their warranty coverage. Now I'm currently using their 21" carry on and it has been with me on lots of trip to less than optimum road and pavement conditions in China without a scratch.
I travel on a weekly basis and I must say, buying one good Samsonite is cheaper than buying multiple cheap American Tourister.

If you want to have better protection for the items in your luggage, best to get hard case luggage but that means more weight and more cost if you want a light weight version. For those who wants a cheap and very light weight luggage but travel say once a month or less, do consider AT. The Jeep Hardside Spinner Suitcase features a durable telescopic handle that retracts with the push of a button, and it also has two carrying handles. The Samsonite 5-Piece Travel Set is a comprehensive luggage set that even includes a toiletry kit.
Do not buy into their hype, no half-decent road warrior or frequent flyer would recommend Samsonite. Since handle broke it could not be repaired and they had to charge me for new part replacement. Of course 1 good (BLite series) Sam cost 4-5 times as much as the best & light AT you can buy.

This Samosonite 5 Piece Luggage Set is on sale for $101.59, which is almost 60% off the original price. Within less than a year the handle broke and when I went to service center for warranty service they said I had to pay more than $100 for a new part even though there was a 25 year warranty period for that product.
I told them anything more than 5 years how to prove it was manufacturer defect and why my less than 1 year luggage still have to pay? Right now you can also use code YOURSALE to save an additional 20% off, bringing the price to only $81.28! No answer was forthcoming so I just claimed my travel insurance, repaired that POS and sold it off for $50.

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