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Best of all, each of these bags comes in at $300 or under (and some are way under; think $80 or less).
The Good: This bag, from iconic French brand Delsey, was one of our favorites for its organizational features.
The Iffy: The handle is not the best or sturdiest of the bunch, as it's made from very light aluminum. The Good: We've reviewed the Contempo bag before, and we love it still for its foldable design and scratch-resistant nylon material. The Iffy: A little bit pricey with an MSRP of more than $200, this cool bag sits squarely in the "splurge-worthy" category. The Good: This Samsonite was far and away the easiest to operate in a crowded, chaotic space. The Iffy: Despite its steerability, this Samsonite, at a little more than nine pounds, is the heaviest bag on our list, and aside from its shape, it's not particularly innovative. The Good: Swiss outfitter Victorinox is known for high-performance adventure-travel goods, and few of its luxe uprights are priced under the $300 mark.
The Iffy: Due to its lack of dedicated laptop storage, this bag is not for those traveling with lots of tech devices. The Good: IT Luggage set out to design the world's lightest bags, and indeed, they've produced a winning line of ultralight, supremely mobile suitcases. The Iffy: We'd be wary of checking this bag, as it lacks the structural integrity and pocket storage of a heavier suitcase. The Good: This Lipault is a smart alternative to the Biaggi Contempo, clocking in at $40 cheaper, and, at just five pounds and change, it's a full three pounds lighter than its pricier alternative. The Iffy: With its slightly tapered shape, there is less room at the top of the bag, so it requires careful packing. The Iffy: Despite its countless pockets, there's no laptop storage, keeping this bag decidedly analog. The Good: American Tourister, now under the Samsonite umbrella, has been designing inexpensive bags since 1933 and is by now a bit of a heritage brand. This article was originally published by SmarterTravel under the title 10 Best Carry-on Bags for Every Traveler. So I’ve wrangled together a collection of the best carry on luggage that can help in that mission. Drama-free Italian train travel.Download your FREE guide with our best insider tips plus you'll get ongoing travel inspiration. Some folks claim pea-shooting rimfires serve their purpose just fine, while others won’t leave home without a J-Frame in their boot and a 1911 cocked and locked on their hip. Luckily, the Handguns editors have fired and reviewed all these pieces, and we’re here to help you choose the best sidearm, while also stirring a healthy debate on the subject.
Defying typical 1911 physics, the Colt Mustang Pocketlite weighs less than one pound while loaded with six rounds of .380 ACP. For those seeking an even lighter version, Colt recently introduced the polymer-framed, 12-ounce Mustang XSP (pictured), which also sports an ambidextrous safety and dovetailed sights. Its blocky design has been mocked from every corner of the earth, but what the Glock 19 lacks in appearance it makes up for in unprecedented reliability and durability. Commonly available drop-in parts allow people to make simple modifications without any gunsmithing experience. The Kahr PM9 combines the accuracy of a match-grade polygonal barrel with machined internal components on a lightweight polymer frame. The hammer-fired, double-action-only Ruger LC9 is a favorite among folks who seek a no-frills, point-and-shoot pocket pistol.
The LC9’s safety features include an external safety selector, magazine safety, loaded chamber indicator, as well as the long pull on its 7-pound trigger.
In terms of mechanical design and operating features, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is a scaled-down version of the full-size line of M&P duty pistols. Perhaps the best overall-value pistol in the lineup, the Springfield XD-S comes packed with standard features that make it hard to see why anyone would want to walk out of a gun store without a Springfield box in hand. The fiber optic front sight post and crisp trigger make the XD-S feel more like a competition-tuned pistol than a carry gun. For more information about your privacy and protection, please review our full Privacy Policy.
After domestic airlines began raking in billions in checked-bag fees in 2008, the amount of passengers packing carry-ons soared, according to TSA statistics. We've narrowed down dozens of bags to come up with this list of 10 exemplary carry-on options.

Further markdowns can always be found via Amazon, eBags, and other discount retailers, so before you buy at full price, do some Internet sleuthing for the best possible deal.
Somewhat lightweight but still remarkably durable, it gets its shape and sturdy stature from its tough ballistic material. Also, the bag's spinner wheels may stick out of the airplane's overhead compartment, so you'll need to stow this Delsey sideways (or risk it not fitting on a super-crowded flight). The combination of high-grade ripstop and packcloth nylon and moisture-resistant mesh makes this featherweight fighter worthy in any weather, while an expandable slash pocket stores anything you might need in-flight, from books to a light jacket. A brightly colored polycarbonate shell encases a roomy interior with just the right number of mesh compartments for most travelers. This kicky collapsible and expandable bag from Biaggi folds down to 50 percent of its size for easy storage in tiny hotel rooms, cruise cabins, or city flats. Virtually tip-proof and with one of the most comfortable locking handles on our list, the Hyperspace's effortless mobility is a real boon on a tight connection (or if you're running out the door 30 minutes late). Now in its second generation, the World's Lightest 4-Wheel Carry-On combines high-density polyester with a strong but lean fiberglass frame. And, somewhat annoyingly, its wide handle means you may not be able to secure an additional purse or personal item on top. Foldable, this carry-on easily fits into its PVC storage bag for out-of-sight, out-of-mind stowing. The interior isn’t sizeable, either, with minimal pockets, and the in-line wheels give the Biaggi an edge over this Lipault when it comes to maneuverability. You'll find a collection of tours for women who like the words artful + elegant + laid back in the same sentence. We all have a responsibility to choose a dependable firearm that can do the job when engaging a deadly threat. So it stands to reason asking a shooter to name the best carry gun would simply be an exercise in determining personal preference. Take a look at the 10 options below and find the carry gun that works for you, then make sure to vote for your favorite. The Mustang is a worthy choice for those accustomed to carrying a full-sized 1911, but need a deeper concealment option.
As with any single-action pistol with no grip safety, be sure to carry it in a holster that completely protects the trigger guard from snagging on clothing or getting bumped in a purse. Originally intended as a rugged law enforcement and military sidearm, the P-07 Duty is known to carry well open or concealed.
The G19 holds 15 rounds of 9mm in a compact design that’s been carried by military, law enforcement and civilians for 25 years. The Gen 4 model comes with an extended magazine catch, rough textured frame, dual recoil spring assembly and modular backstrap. What makes this double-action-only stand out from others is its integral mil-spec picatinny rail and complete lack of external safeties, making the PF9 a minimalist point-and-shoot pistol. Its Commander-sized bobtail frame, fish scale checkering and KimPro II finish make it an attractive, functional, big-bore carry gun. For those who usually prefer to carry a larger gun, the Ruger LC9 is a smaller alternative for those quick trips down to the convenience store when you want something that can still pack the punch of a 9mm.
Several accessories are available for the LC9, including an array of holsters and trigger guards with built-in lasers from Crimson Trace, Lasermax and Viridian.
Night sights ride 4.2 inches apart atop the nitron-finished slide, while seven-round magazines feed its 3-inch barrel. The main differences—other than scale—are the Shield’s slimmer magazines and its lack of replaceable backstraps. Suitable for nearly anyone who’s familiar with a striker-fired semi-auto, it has a grip safety, trigger safety and loaded chamber indicator to prevent accidental discharge.
Here are 10 carry-on bags that we think make great travel companions, no matter where you're going or what you haul inside.
We schlepped these suitcases on public transportation and airplanes and through security and customs, packed them and lifted them over our heads, and careened with them at full-speed around sharp corners. A padded laptop sleeve on the front of the bag makes it easy to pack your gadgets (and remove them for inspection in the TSA security line). The multiple top and side handles were a favorite feature and made the bag easy to lift from any angle. At just under seven pounds and with some of the smoothest spinner wheels in the bunch, the Camden Town model is easy to maneuver. The telescoping handle is sturdy, while the smooth-as-butter spinner wheels make this one of the most maneuverable bags on our list (and a joy to glide with through America's busiest airports). The fully lined interior is ample, owing to the bag's unique trapezoidal configuration, and two small exterior pockets are handy for last-minute items.
Easily tucked into an overhead compartment, the slim, wheeled bag has pockets galore (we counted five inside and out) as well as exterior compression straps to secure the bag's contents (good for bumpy flights or Jeep rides to your campsite). The high-grade nylon twill material is soft, pliable, and easy to wipe clean of dirt or grime. While the Splash line lacks some of the nifty innovations and chichi materials of the flashy new luggage brands, this 21-inch bargain bag had one of the most generous interiors that we tested, with an expandable main compartment that added to its depth.

We doubt the Splash holds up as long as pricier models, but for so little money, it's not a bad deal. In control.  These types smugly saunter through the crowds wearing a Patagonia backpack the size of a Big-Mac as they poo poo the crowds at the checked baggage belt.
I bought a second bag last year – a carry on size this time, and I hope it will stand the test of time just as well.
Its quality construction comes from a CNC-machined aluminum alloy receiver, as well as a stainless steel slide and barrel. Its compact polymer frame houses 12 rounds of .40 S&W and has an integral accessory rail for attaching lights and lasers.
The G19 can seat larger 17- and 33-round magazines, which make for great backups when the situation calls for more ammo. If you could only have one pistol for carry, home protection and IDPA competition, the Glock 19 will get the job done. The PM9 is available from the factory with regular combat sights or tritium night sights, and either an external safety selector or loaded chamber indicator. Its hammer-fired action loads from a seven-round, single-stack magazine, which comes with a detachable base plate for your pinky finger to ride comfortably.
It comes from Kimber’s Custom Shop completely dehorned—or “melted” as Kimber calls it—to keep any sharp edges on its aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel slide from cutting your hands, clothes or holsters. At less than 1 inch wide and weighing a mere 17.1 ounces with an empty seven-round magazine, it can be carried in virtually any method you choose. Interestingly enough, the XD-S is available in 9mm and .45 ACP—both of which have exactly the same external dimensions.
Every major luggage retailer now offers multiple carry-on models in multiple sizes, each with an exhaustive list of features and configurations.
Of course, luggage is not one-size-fits-all, so we took into account several criteria, including height, weight, maneuverability, and all the bells and whistles—from TSA-approved combination locks to high-performance materials—when devising this list.
An easy-to-access compartment at the bottom of the bag seamlessly stores toiletries or dirty laundry, while the interior contains multiple mesh pockets: perfect for the hyperorganized.
Briggs & Riley offers a lifetime warranty on all of its bags, even covering damage done by airlines.
This bag is made for the fashionable weekend warrior who scoffs at dull utilitarianism: It comes in a high-gloss palette (lime, orange, pink, and slate) … with an equally bright 10-year warranty. The interior is surprisingly spacious, with light, elastic straps that don't add a bit of bulk to your folded clothes.
Stain- and water-resistant fabric adds to its appeal, in case you're likely to spill your latte as you dash to your departure gate. Made from patented fabrics Teleolon and Versatek, this wheelie is as rugged as it is practical. Surprisingly, the zippers and aircraft-grade aluminum handle were among the sturdiest we tried, despite the relatively lightweight nature of the bag's materials. While it lacks spinner wheels, the Osprey's polyurethane in-line wheels are smooth, low profile, and relatively easy to maneuver around tight corners. And misses their train connection cause they can’t actually get their gargantuan rolled luggage down the stairs. An Omega trigger system operates in both double- and single-action, with a decocking lever that can be converted into a safety selector per the operator’s preference.
Carry it concealed with a standard six-round, single-stack magazine and slip an extended seven-round mag in your pocket for backup.
The PF-9 is available in blued, parkerized or hard-chrome metal finish, with black, gray or olive drab frame colors options. Night sights and an ambidextrous safety selector, combined with a match-grade barrel and trigger will keep you on target with fast follow-up shots.
Its non-captured recoil-spring guide rod cycles hotter +P defense loads smoother than most other subcompacts on the market. The 9mm holds seven rounds in the flush-fit magazine and nine rounds in an extended version, while the .45 holds five and seven rounds, respectively.
With three sizes available in the Super Carry lineup, the mid-sized Pro model will likely fit anyone who enjoys carrying a 1911. Its seven-round magazine comes with a detachable extended baseplate for those seeking a bigger purchase on the grip. It has no grip safety, though an ambidextrous safety selector has familiar operability to John Browning’s classic design. The SIG P938 will feel right at home as a primary concealed carry gun or backup duty weapon. The XD-S essentially sets the stage for what users should come to expect from an out-of-the-box concealed carry gun.

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