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02 May. 2013

Wood frame glass greenhouse plans,buy wooden shoe rack australia,power tools woodstock cape town - Within Minutes

For some time now, I've wanted a permanent greenhouse that would shelter our veggies from ravenous hordes of grasshoppers, and which would stay above freezing inside through the winter, so we could grow fresh food all year-round. The version I'm building, pictured here on the back of the book, is built underground, so only the glass and part of the back wall extend above ground level. Here are the cool mosaics AJ made out of colored glass, pennies, and aluminum disks on the walls around the walkway. I ran copper pipe through the crawlspace of our house, connected it to the black poly tubing we previously buried out to the greenhouse, and tapped it into an existing water pipe a couple of days ago. Spent the last couple of days mixing 3,300 lbs of concrete mix, hauling it in buckets to the greenhouse, and pouring it inside the outer concrete block wall.

I spent the last few days stapling up plastic sheeting (to keep moisture out of the walls) and putting green-treated plywood sheathing on the inside of the walls (the ones that won't be glass).
All of the wiring for the receptacles, lights, fans, thermostat, etc is in place and connected to the electrical sub-panel in the potting shed. After spraying expanding foam insulation in gaps around the windows, and caulking all the seams in the framing, I cut and installed the trim around the front windows today. The electricity has been on in the greenhouse for a couple of weeks, but these are the first pictures I've gotten after dark, with the lights on. Thanks to the help of Chris and AJ, the greenhouse now has glass in the lower part of the roof, courtesy of recycled patio door panels purchased from EcoStores, most for around $5 each because the wooden frames were pretty well shot.

AJ painted the new supports for me a couple of days ago, and by using the three of us, a couple of heavy-duty cargo straps, and some wood blocks, we were able to slide the last two (very heavy) glass panels into place on the top part of the roof. AJ found a pretty healthy crop of aphids starting on a few of the plants, so we ordered a box of ladybugs as a biological control. One of the cauliflower plants that AJ transplanted has bolted, probably due to the sudden warmth.

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