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30 Jan. 2013

Wewood wood watch,groz block plane review,woodworkers supply albuquerque,wood lathe gouge sharpening - Within Minutes

Italian-born, but LA-based WeWood has a line of wooden watches that have graced such famous wrists as Rhianna, Ke$ha, and APL of the Black Eyed Peas. The beautifully carved wood not only looks super stylish, it is feather-light and silky-smooth. WOW… What an awful knock off of the gross Fossil watch that was a knock off of the Vestal Monte Carlo which puts both to shame.
I agree with you S.Cogo also there was the well known Tissot Wooden Wristwatch that was far more elegant than these. For all its claims about ethics, it promotes its watches by employing at least one kind of deception: Manufacture Deception (watches born in Florence but MADE IN CHINA). As a vocal advocate for various environmentally centered businesses, I had recently spoken highly about products such as these Wewood watches in the context of the ethics informing them. But even if you don’t give a damn about forestation or environmental consciousness, WeWOOD watches just plain look cool. WeWOOD watches come in the classic style which has an analog-only watch face and the crono style that boasts an LED digital display (11 different watches in all).

Their beautiful wooden watches demonstrate that being eco-friendly is no barrier to style or luxury. This organic matter is recyclable, biodegradable and takes less CO2 to produce, than materials traditionally used in watch production, such as stainless-steel, platinum and gold.
Wewood doesn’t quite tell the whole story about the conditions of production of their watches.
WeWOOD has partnered with American Forests, which was founded in 1875 and remains the nation’s oldest non-profit environmental conservation organization. Available in numerous styles (including the new Alpha, Deneb, Kale and Roman) and myriad shades ranging from light beige and rich brown to forest green and black, these watches are as fashionable as they are eco-friendly, making a statement that you can be sleek and sophisticated while simultaneously promoting sustainability. Eco-friendly types will dig them too because all of the wood comes from unused flooring scraps that are free of harmful chemicals or stains of any kind. These natural watches are currently available in two classic designs: Date and Chrono, and in four different types of sustainable wood (Maple, Ebony, Guaiaco and Red Wing Celtis). Each watch is hypo-allergenic, free from toxic chemicals and has a traditional Miyota movement.

There is no sustainable source of ebony, yet We Wood are using it in their watches, this company is a sham. WeWOOD works with American Forest and Trees For The Future to plant one tree for every single watch they sell, ensuring a more sustainable future for us all.
The coolest part is that the brand will actually pay to plant a tree for every watch you buy! What I discovered when I received my watch was that it was, like many other products that flood this country, manufactured in CHINA. If you like wood watches buy Fossils’, its cheaper and if you like the look of this watch then go with the Vestal Monte Carlo.

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