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08 Sep. 2012

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In this image we see Kordell hand milling a log with a hand saw at a woodworkers convention. But successful lumber splitting requires long, straight-grained timber with a minimum of knots that tend to interrupt the split. I may yet attempt it in future outbuildings (maybe something not so large), but for the new pole-barn style workshop I’ve recently begun, I've chosen to saw the lumber. With so many harvestable trees close by, it makes sense to take them from log to lumber right here on the property.

With some careful planning and aforethought, very little wood in a board need be wasted with this homemade method of acquiring lumber. The last adjustment involves 4 other bolts and determines the thickness of the lumber by setting my mark on a ruler that’s etched into part of the metal assembly. At some point down the road, I’d like to build a very sturdy overhead beam rigged with block and tackle to lift and place the logs by hand. Don't hold me to this either, but it seems like I needed a new chain about every three or four (maybe more) stacks of lumber (like the ones you see pictured).

It’s good to divide the layers with smaller sticks or boards to allow for air circulation between each row of lumber. I kept a couple sawhorses with boards across them set up near the milling operation with my chainsaw toolbox right there close.

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