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As it stands, the Icelandic currency is a fully convertible but low-volume world currency, strongly managed by its central bank, with a high degree of volatility not only against the US and Canadian dollars, but also against the currencies of the other Nordic countries (Swedish krona, Norwegian krone, Danish krone and the euro).
I opened an EverBank free checking account last year for their 6% 3-month intro rate; I think they still have that deal. I can report that I did not get nickel-and-dimed by any EverBank fees for my free checking account, but customer service at their Islandia NY online service center is poor and the folks I dealt with were nearly incompetent.
Your focus on low-expense index funds is probably the right way to go; investing in foreign currency CDs, is, in the long term, not much different than investing in dollar-denominated bank CDs, but with additional risk and fat currency-conversion fees. IMO it makes more sense to invest in international equity funds if you want foreign currency exposure. Japanese have been doing it for a long time–borrow at 0% at home, invest abroad (setting risk level by choice of currency), and reaping arbitrage rewards–just like the big boys! Foreign equities are probably better than domestic equities but a US depression would likely ripple through world equity markets.
What makes me mad about Everbanks move is that they want us to carry most of the risk while keeping the bulk of the reward for themselves. Foreign currency CDs is like FOREX continuously played for a longer term, rather than just spot, except you get have a certain percentage (much smaller than the 3 sigma amplitude) in reserve. A financial journalist would like to interview investors who lost money in Icelandic CDs last year. Lets take a deeper look into the offerings EverBank brings to the table and see where they would rank amongst the other online banks available today.
The most well known of all the EverBank products, the EverBank Yield Pledge Money Market Account currently offers a 0.81% APY for all customers. I had everbank online savings account and did check out their mortgage department when I was looking for my first house. Since 2004, EverBank has pledged to pay you a rate that will always be in the top 5% of competitive accounts offered by leading banks. I called EverBank and spoke to Lauren without having to go through a maze of phone system purgatory. Therefore, given the inherent volatility of currencies and the fact that the dollar sits atop an 11-year high, diversifying into a basket of select foreign currencies may be a prudent idea. Our friends at EverBank offer a very diverse and unique selection of foreign currency vehicles.

One of our favorites at the moment is the World Energy® CD Basket, which holds the currencies of Australia, Great Britain, Canada and Norway. During the robust energy bull market of 2011 to 2014, when the price of crude averaged nearly $100 a barrel, the currencies of Australia, Great Britain, Canada and Norway danced upon the world stage. But the World Energy® CD Basket is merely one of EverBank’s foreign currency products. What is happening is that most of the investors are shifting the money from these currencies which offer high interest rates to Euro and US$ which are raising the interest rates thus reducing the attractiveness of NZ Dollar and Iceland Krona. Foreign CDs will offer a guaranteed rate of return – but that would be only virtual due to the constantly changing exchange rates. No, a precious metals backed system is not perfect (along with real private banking), but it always be better than a dictator of currency guessing what the price of money should be or how much of it should be released without any market mechanisms. From that point forward the world will be used to $800 gold and we’ll be in the not-so-new (1980 anyone) age of true inflation.
I would perfer a more stable country like Canada, they are peaceful and don’t have any world conflicts, so investing in canadian money would be good even though its a lower rate, its no risk at all. 7 years later, interest rates everywhere are in the toilet and the main suspects (ie: Everbank) are basically paying 0%. And as a testament to how well EverBank continues to progress, the field on which the Jacksonville Jaguars plays its football games is known as EverBank Field. If you want more details, you can check out our review of Everbank’s World Currency CDs.
All you have to do to get this $50 is to use online bill pay at least 3 times and close the account (and tell EverBank the reason for closing) within 30 days of your 3-month anniversary. I personally wouldn’t have a problem doing business with this firm as long as my deposits were at or below the FDIC insurance levels which are currently $250,000 per account.
And if the machine you use charges you, EverBank will automatically reimburse you as long as the transaction occurred in the United States and you keep a minimum balance of $5000 or more. This EverBank review blows the doors off of any other bank I’ve reviewed for the right person. You'll also get encouragement and ideas to help you get out of debt, earn more money, and generally stop worrying about your money. In fact, during the last 15 years, the dollar has lost value against nearly every major world currency… and dozens of minor ones.

In addition to offering deposit accounts and CDs denominated in a single foreign currency, EverBank also designs CD Baskets that are made up of multiple currency CDs, based upon specific macroeconomic trends or phenomena. Since the economies of all four of these nations rely to a great extent upon energy resources, their currencies tend to reflect trends in the energy sector… for better or worse.
Within a year or two, the oil market is likely to move back into balance… and oil prices are likely to move higher, which would be very good news for the World Energy® CD Basket. For the sake of full disclosure, please understand that we have a marketing relationship with EverBank. These so-called CD accounts are little more than glorified Forex accounts where you speculate in currency pairs.
While I’m all for currency diversification, you can do better by opening an account outside of the US and gaining other forms of diversification as well. But with EverBank you’ll always get top-tier rates compared to other top- tier institutions. If you like to earn interest on your checking account without paying fees and enjoy great customer service, put EverBank on your speed dial and open your account today. That said, we have worked with the team at EverBank for many years and we always welcome the opportunity to highlight their innovative foreign currency products for our readers. It provides a 100% guarantee against loss of deposited principal and a minimum upside payment of 10% at maturity if the currencies as a group are up against the dollar at the end of the CD’s term.
But these higher official rates have not been reflected in the forward rates on which we base the interest rate paid on 3 month CDs. These things are toxic toxic toxic, and I complained to the bank about classifying them as CDs. EverBank also offers business CDs, credit cards, cash management, global transaction and sweep services.

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