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You can outline a perfect definition of Twitter and it still won’t convey what it is to people who have never tweeted.
Perhaps because Twitter and its API provide infinite flexibility of use it can’t be defined within one sentence. Twitter is the ultimate Mastermind group, a combination of: networking organization, support group, resource sharing community, advisory board, and friends!
Twitter is the modern shoutbox of the world Instead of having the old shoutbox on your site it is now like a world shoutbox. Twitter’s instant messaging has a great potential to broadcast the activities of our Optimist Club, both to our members and the community. I agree with those who say Twitter is different for each person, and what it is depends on how you use it.

The reason I use twitter is not really for followers or publicity, but to just put my thoughts out. Twitter is great in how it’s so easy to use and how one is able to find other kinds of people on it easily. Twitter is the the piece of the puzzle that pulls all the other components of SoMe together. Twitter is first of all a listening post, where I can hear others talk about topics I’m interested in. It’s a really funny thing because I was just talking to someone offline about Twitter today.
Twitter has been a great place to learn, gain insight, share information and connect with entrepreneurs and sharp business minded people all over the world.

I am not bothered in what people had for breakfast or their rating of last night’s sex, but I am interested in emerging new technologies and how they can be integrated into new ways of working. Twitter is still a social bookmarking tool where I’m trying to find my voice and have an impact! Twitter amplifies your SoMe activities in a synergistic way making all your SoMe efforts more effective. You decide either if you use it as a professional network, a way to let your friends know what you do (trivial use) or to stay at the cutting edge of the time.

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