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Today we’re going to take a look at the various web programming languages that power the Internet. PHP is the undisputed king of server-side languages in use on the Internet today – running on 75% of all web servers – and is the power behind WordPress, Wikipedia, and even the user-facing part of Facebook.
As a server side language, the code is processed before it reaches the user’s browser, so all they see is the final page and none of the original PHP code. Not to be confused with Java, the full object oriented software programming language we introduced last week, Javascript is the daddy of interactive webpages. Perl used to be a major force in web programming but has since been relegated to mostly just text-processing applications.
This is Microsoft’s contribution to the web language arena, predictably popular in corporate environments and nowhere else.

A profoundly poor and absurd introduction to python web programming and it occurs to me that you don’t vividly separate the concept of web app development and web design. I’m not a PHP advocate, but for a begginer to start with this language is the best solution. Having introduced and talked a little about Object Oriented Programming before and where its namesake comes from, I thought it's time we go through the absolute basics of computer programming in a non-language specific way.
In part 2 of our absolute beginners guide to programming, I'll be covering the basics of functions, return values, loops and conditionals.
Since the protocol that runs the world wide web - the HTTP protocol - is open and viewable to the entire world, anyone with the programming knowledge is able to write their own web server. It’s not a programming language as such, but it is a new language to learn if you want to talk to databases so it’s a key component of modern websites.

It’s a scripting language that’s run locally on the user’s browser, allowing webpages to respond to user interactions such as clicking on elements and timing events. Although MySQL is actually a command-line language, there are common GUI tools available such as PHPMyAdmin for managing databases more easily. Although JQuery is made from Javascript, it introduces its own unique language components too, so just because you know Javascript doesn’t mean you can automatically use JQuery (you could also argue that you don’t need to know much Javascript to be able to use jQuery).
Like last time, I’ve included screenshots of what typical code in the language looks like, which I believe is a good at-a-glance indicator of whether you’re going to be comfortable programming it or not.

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