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By signing up you get full access to all knowledge centers and discussion forums, including Management by Objectives, SMART. Drucker introduced a very pertinent concept in management which - if effectively implemented - brings about noticeable improvements in organization.
The idea of Peter Drucker on management by objectives is based on the integration of different hierarchical levels of the company. Many organisations have a mission statement that tries to encapsulate the overall strategic management of their company.
Such statements are designed to implicitly state the organisations objectives in the broader sense. Drucker rightly identified the need for strategy and objectives, but did not pursue how to turn the objectives into actions.

Before I left on vacation, I wrote a few posts on Management by Objectives (MBO), but I didn’t have time to post the solution reviews before leaving. Setting up objectives is also a very intuitive task, where objectives are being given a name and a weight (which must total 100%), and a target payout (how much money is earned if the objective is met). The employee’s interface is even simpler than the manager’s, and provides the employee with the ability to exchange messages with his or her manager, to participate to setting up and accepting their objectives, to approve the ‘scores’ and associated bonus received, and to view various reports related to their performance.
Here is a quick 5 step process outline that most companies use to manage MBOs (Management by Objectives), recapping some of the things I talked about in my last post.  As you will see, this is just common sense. I’ve talked about MBOs – Management by Objectives – a few times before, but I will dedicate a few posts to this topic. The other reason I want to talk about MBOs is that software vendors are slowly broadening their offerings.  Instead of having one IT solution to align objectives to corporate goals, one workflow solution to calculate incentives against these goals, one solution to manage sales compensation, etc, single vendors are starting to cover the entire spectrum with a single variable pay solution.

After some interaction with a manager, the objectives should be approved by both the employee and manager. It's time to add a new dimension to this 'age old' management style which reminds me of macho-management of the 60's and 70's (sic).
It aims to increase organizational performance by aligning goals and subordinate objectives throughout the organization. It is related to performance monitoring but records final observations.  For example, during the performance monitoring phase, a manager could record that an employee performed a certain task well, handled another sitation very well, and attained a certain objective.

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