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When employee stock options are granted, the entire value consists of "time premium" because there generally is no intrinsic value at the grant date since the exercise price is generally the market price on the day of the grant. When a grantee receives an employee stock options grant, he receives a value and the employer takes on a contractual liability to perform in respect of the grantee's contract.
The graph above illustrates how the money is divided up upon early exercise of the employee stock options. Options advisors or wealth managers often advocate forfeiting the time premium and paying the tax by premature exercises in order to use the money to diversify (as if a diversified portfolio is some sort of magic bullet). It is a mystery to me why there is no litigation from employees and executives who are recipients of this premature exercise and diversify advice; had an employee made premature exercises prior to the recession of 2008, diversified his portfolio and bought mutual funds, he would now have a value of less than 35% of the theoretical value of the options when he exercised. Learn what a typical early morning to late evening workday for a hedge fund manager consists of and looks like from beginning to end. Whether or not you are a fan of human resources, every employer needs to know the answers to these questions.

The time premium is what the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) require all the companies to value at the grant date and expense against their earnings over the option's vesting period. The value of the company's liability should be equal to the value of the benefit to the employee.
First, he forfeits all of the remaining time premium, which essentially goes to the company. They essentially advocate that you return a large part of your compensation to the employer and pay an early tax for the privilege of diversifying into some mutual fund loaded with fees and commissions, which underperforms the indexes. Because it forfeits the remaining "time premium" back to your employer and incurs an early compensation income tax to you, the employee. The maximum contractual time to expiration is 10 years but evaluators use what is called the expected time to expiration as an input assumption into theoretical pricing models such as the Black Scholes model. Often the time premium is greater than the intrinsic value, especially with highly volatile stocks, even if there is substantial intrinsic value.

Some claim that the reason advisors advise and the companies endorse the idea of making early exercises is because it is highly beneficial to the company in the form of early tax credits and reduced liabilities.
This total tax may be more than 50% in places like California, where many of the options grants take place. That could certainly be the reason that early exercises are the predominant method that employees use to manage their options.
But in most cases, the values that companies expense are actually understated, with the value to informed grantees being greater than the assumed liability costs to the company.

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