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4 Tips for Trading Weekly OptionsPrice HeadleyThese important strategy adjustments are designed to promote safer, more successful weekly options trading. First, a little background: Weekly options started trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in 2005 and generally have the same contract specifications and similar pricing as standard options.
Weekly options are primarily available on the major indices and most liquid stocks, as well as several exchange traded funds (ETFs) and individual equities. Similar to the growth in ETFs and options in general, trading volume in weekly options continues to grow.
In addition to the variety of monthly contracts available, many underlying stocks are beginning to offer weekly options. Before discussing the various trading strategies that can be built with weekly options, it is important to go back and review some of the more important trading terms. 2) Offsetting positions can be taken at certain times during the month between weeklies and monthlies. 3) You could take a position in the monthly contract and take rolling positions in the weekly contract in the opposite direction. 4) The last approach to using weekly options is to use them to supplement income from an underlying position. Rumors have been floating around the web about the possibility of daily options as the next logical product for traders. Kirk Du Plessis is a full-time options trader, real estate investor, stay-at-home Dad and personal coach.

I don’t understand the following remark because the options exchanges do not offer new weeklies with the same expiration dates as the monthlies. I have been testing weekly strategies more and more as the grow in popularity so that maybe a new focus this year. The CBOE has announced a nice new email service for people wanted to know what weekly options are going to be offered each week. They plan to send out an email, typically on Wednesday, listing the options they plan to list starting on Thursday. Anyone that trades options knows that the pace quickens the last few days before expiration. Some traders avoid options close to expiration because of these factors–and others flock to them.
Most if not all brokers support trading on weekly options, you may have to select options on the options chains to see them.
All new weekly options listed on the CBOE begin trading on Thursdays and expire the following Friday.
You can see on the chart below (data from the CBOE), the growth in weekly option volume both as an absolute and as a share of total volume. These weekly options can be employed in various trading strategies to manage both the theta and delta risk associated with options expiration. Because they do not remain open as long, the may involve somewhat less risk, but it is important to consider liquidity constraints, as many weeklies have smaller markets.

When the options expiration of the monthly contract is nearly identical to the expiration of the weekly option, there may be a price difference that can be captured between the two.
You can grab his completely FREE 12-Part Video Training Course which will help you discover how to trade options for consistent monthly income. Unlike other options there are weekly options (PM settled) on the same week that the monthly (AM settled) expire. Overall, the growth in weekly options can provide a richer strategy platform that should not be overlooked. Most of these weekly options start trading on Thursday and expire the following Friday. This provides uniformity and also allows traders to easily “roll” weekly options from one expiration to another. Add your comments below and let me know if you would ever trade a daily option that started trading in the morning and expired that same afternoon. He was recently featured in Barron’s Magazine as a contributor to their Annual Broker’s Review and is the Founder and Head Trader here at Option Alpha. Rather than buy another full monthly contract, just use the weekly that is close to the monthly expiration to partially hedge the risk until expiration week.
In October 2014 the CBOE switched the VIX calculation methodology to take advantage of the SPX weeklys availability.

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