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There are several virtual stock exchanges, including ones just for kids, but TrakInvest stands apart by giving its members a chance to turn fantasy trades into real jobs.
Founder Bobby Bhatia say his site seeks to differentiate from other fantasy trading platforms with a “learn-share-earn” model. For users who aren’t seeking internship opportunities and are just interested in fantasy trading, TrakInvest wants to differentiate from competing sites, like Wall Street Magnate, which we profiled in July and Marketwatch’s virtual stock exchange, by focusing on social media integration.
Bhatia’s describes TrakInvest’s initial target user as someone between the ages of 20 to 35, who wants to learn more equity trading, follow successful traders and have an auditable way to track to their performance record. The site is currently working on a ranking methodology that will evaluate the trading style and risk adjustment return of individual users.

Stock market simulator is a very good tool for anybody who learns to trade the stocks on equity exchanges. The first option is using a stock market simulator for testing trading software and a platform provided by a selected broker. Amibroker also has a feature that allows you to define your technical strategy and then run virtual simulation with historical data to check out how such a strategy worked in the past.
This will be especially useful for students with no previous trading experience and can be integrated into their LinkedIn profiles. A simulator can be used for practical testing like how to enter orders, using a different orders like stop orders or trailing stop orders.

If you are looking for a new broker or if you plan to change trading platform, then I recommned to test new platform before opening an account or buying new trading software.

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