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The Orokin Void, Orokin Towers, or simply The Void, is the first Orokin tileset in WARFRAME introduced in Update 8, which houses all Prime technologies. One unique feature of the Orokin Void is that prime Warframes will cause the Death Orbs to emit a wave of energy that will grant 250 energy to all frames within 30 meters.
Aside from deploying Corrupted units, Orokin Towers also employ large amounts of traps that, at first glance, would appear as normal scenery in the room.
Some Laser Plates are instead mounted to the ceiling and point directly downwards, but this variant is usually only found within certain parkour rooms.

When using a Prime Warframe, moving close a Death Orb will cause it to release a wave of energy that restores 250 Energy to all nearby Warframes within a small radius, regardless of whether that Death Orb is activated or not.
The pattern is usually orange, but certain rooms may use pressure-plate based sequence puzzles to unlock access to the treasure, with failures causing the pattern to turn red and activation of traps or turrets instead. There are many locations that are "off the beaten path" that test the parkour skills of Tenno in small races to hidden treasure rooms. One in particular has an entrance with a gold rimmed button at a dead end, which will open up a timed obstacle course with lasers that has mods in its final room.

There is even a slight chance there can be more than one hidden treasure room in one void mission. Typically, the path to such obstacle course rooms can be located by observing corridors and unlocked doorways that proceed in a direction other than the mission objective.

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