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The last of the “Big Five” Trade Intelligence Suppliers, that we’ll take a cursory look at within the pack of those that fetch, rework and dole out U.S. Like their peers, Import Genius has a well designed website, makes good use of social media and offers a plethora of slick promotional materials. Import Genius, headquartered in Scottsdale and founded by brothers Ryan and David Petersen along with Michael Kanko, came on the scene in 2008 about the same time as their smart Cambridge cousin, Panjiva, hit the streets.  Unlike Panjiva, however, the Petersen clan had to bootstrap their start-up themselves.
Until Import Genius and the rest of the pack invests the financial, technical, intellectual and creative resources to expand and integrate other trade databases and develop comprehensive solutions for the world trade industry, PIERS will continue as the dominant player with all other contenders ultimately competing on price alone. There yet remains vast undeveloped frontiers and opportunities to explore and claim in service to the multi-trillion dollar World Trade Industry for those with the GENIUS, resources and fortitude to pursue innovation within the field of Trade Intelligence. Sourced from Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, CIA World Factbook, and InterAmerican Development Bank, all numbers are for calendar year 2010 and are provided for the 17 Latin American markets in North, Central and South America covered by Datamyne (where you’ll find the latest available data on LATAM import-export trade in 2011). Good Info on the site, but not happy that all the credits are consumed everytime i look at the same company. To have your personal information removed from Panjiva, simply email josh(at)panjiva(dot)com.

If you fall in this category, just search for your name and city on Google and you'll see your shipment details, with your address on this site. We do believe that public information about COMPANIES involved in global trade should be as accessible as possible. Panjiva is super easy to use and provides a lot more information than the previous company we used. I used Panjiva these last two months and its incredible how much useful information one can gather in order to make a market research study. Amazing trade data, just looked up a Chinese supplier and found all his customers here in the U.S.
Customs data can be used to analyze publicly traded companies.  In addition, they provide videos illustrating three actual business cases where Import Genius was utilized by Apple, 3M and Travertine Imports.
Like Panjiva and the rest of the “Big Five”, they offer their own brand of search, analytics and reporting utilities sitting atop of the usual U.S.
A recent report on toy imports showed September was the eighth straight month of year-over-year decline and the toy trade was unlikely to match 2010 levels.

Yes US customs is the worst offender by making my personal information available to those who seek it, this is them made much worse by Panjiva publicizing it.
Panjiva uses this data to compile profiles of companies -- but we have no interest in personal information. Panjiva actually has a mechanism to contact these companies directly-- something other sites don't have. The government should pass a law to control the information US customs and Panjiva can access.

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