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On the night of the 31st of May, 2015, Capcom held a special Monster Hunter event which only a handful of people could get into. Gaijin Hunter was livetweeting the event, and he broke the news of the game’s announcement. It has emerged that players of Monster Hunter Cross who also have Monster Hunter 4 G save data on their console will get a bonus in Cross. It was also confirmed that Monster Hunter Cross will not have underwater battles, guild quest, frenzied monsters or apex monsters. The first thing I want to point is that all of the notes shown (and indeed this is the case for all the notes on all of the screenshots and trailers released thus far) are white. The first thing we learned is that the new brute wyvern flagship monster has been given an official name. The Dinovaldo is a very aggressive monster that will attack as soon as you get anywhere near it. In the announcement video, we saw the hunting horn smash into a new monster and send it flying.
In town there are places to train your felynes, pet your moofas, and trade items with a felyne. Another is skill-focused, which allows the hunter to equip more skills than any other hunting style. There is an aerial style, which makes it easier to do attacks in the air, and allows the hunter to use more things as springboards. Finally, there will be a full interview posted on the Famitsu website soon, which Gaijin Hunter will take a look at and share any major news.
The great sword attack shown in the reveal trailer contains a bright red glow, similar to the long sword’s spirit combo.
The dual blades were shown to have some kind of powerful attack that hits all around the hunter.
The hammer has a huge upward strike, and the magazine said that it was definitely possible to KO the monster with a single one of these strikes.
The hunting horn has an attack which lets loose a powerful sonic blast which affects a wide area. We found out that Dragonfly’s tail actually ends in a claw, so it will probably be able to grab the hunter. The four hunting styles discussed briefly when the game was announced were brought up here.
The aerial style allows the hunter to perform giant leaps over monsters and attack them while doing so.

The legacy style is for hunters who want to hunt the way they always have in previous games. The technical play style wasn’t talked about in detail, but Famitsu did say that it allows the hunter to turn a bad situation around.
I’m wondering if Carnotaurus weapons will have the same mechanic as the Seregios weapons did in 4 Ultimate, where they sharpened as you rolled and dodged. That big a gamefaqs answers question titled can still can’t trade monster hunter freedom trainer, then, go to rare. The trampolines we have seen previously are, as you may have guessed, used for initiating jump attacks. Gaijin Hunter has, of course, given us a new video, so I’ll be updating this based on that. Gaijin Hunter guessed no, though I think it may be possible, but with some kind of special gimmick involved to make it very difficult. Gaijin Hunter talked a little about how he believed we would be able to find a bunch of new items there.
This monster has had its name confirmed as the Great Maccau, and has its own minions, known simply as Maccau.
Returning will be the Rathalos (Monster Hunter), Tigrex (Monster Hunter Freedom 2), Zinogre (Monster Hunter Portable 3rd) and the Brachydios (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate).
The hunter appeared to be using a gunlance, so we’re not sure whether it depicted the shot type or something else which they got from a particular hunting style. They said they began conceptual work for Monster Hunter Cross when they were still working on 4G. They did, however, state that it would be very technical and allow the hunter to turn a bad situation around and use it to their advantage.
There will be some skills which unleash a huge attack, and some which do other kinds of things to help in the hunt. Gaijin Hunter says that the magazine clearly stated there was an upward strike, but in the reveal trailer we saw a downward one. Gaijin Hunter stresses (multiple times) that he could be reading it wrong as the sentence is constructed weirdly, but it seemed as if it implied the kinsect could grab the blade of the weapon and then charge at the monster. Do keep in mind that Gaijin Hunter spent a good 20 seconds stressing that it was a really weird sentence, so this is still very much up in the air. Gaijin Hunter wasn’t sure if it consumed ammo or not, as it was another weirdly worded sentence. They didn’t go into what specifically gets powered up, but they did say that the arrow was shot into the air and then dissipated, showering the hunter in light and strengthening them. The magazine also included concept art of its trunk, speculating that it will have attacks that involve grabbing the hunter.

Specifically, it had the hunter’s house, with a woman standing out front and a felyne kitchen beside it, neither of which were there before. If these are your first areas, it may be that the Carnotaurus will be your first monster, which is something touched on in previous updates.
Each weapon has multiple skills at their disposal, and you get to choose which one you take with you before you hunt. Each hunting style will be the same for each weapon, and you can choose which one you want to use before each hunt. It’s the biggest of the four flagship monsters, and its face, pictured below, appears to be covered in some kind of armour. It got its name from the bubbles it can shoot out, which will inflict the hunter with the all new bubbleblight. Jun, Freedom unite for items can still not entirely sure how experts will cease to trade items .
We’ll also have some palicoes with the ability to set pitfall traps, rather than just shock traps. There’s also a felyne that will trade items and parts with the hunter, probably replacing the Wycoon we saw in 4 Ultimate. It could also be that they’re revamped the hunting horn, but I doubt they would get rid of the variety of colours. There’s a guy who will teach you to play, which they may use to teach everyone all of the new super skills and hunting styles.
It seems as if we’re going to be getting a few new places to hunt in, which will be great. I’ll also be using it to continue my Beasts of Monster Hunter series, which details information and attacks on monsters in the series. They included a joke that its tail hits so hard, it’ll mean an instant KO for the hunter.
One which was specifically mentioned was a trampoline skill, which involves the palico literally placing a trampoline on the ground for the hunter to launch off and do a jump attack. The Meonster Hunters are back, and the felyne with a curly moustache dressed in blue is their leader.

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