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The first thing we need to trade futures contract in India is a 'Trading Account' and a 'Demat Account'. The advantage of Futures Contract is that we need to pay only the margin amount instead of total price. Suppose after 1 month when the Futures Contract expires, the price of LICHSGFIN goes up to Rs 483. Suppose, instead of buying Futures one bought direct stocks of LIC Housing Finance (500 numbers). For the same lump sum profit (Rs.1,725) margin trading in Futures Contract allowed higher profit percentage compared to its direct stocks.

I wanted to know about futures in detail & your article cleared my doubts, thank you Author…!
Market means, future contract will be bought immediately at whatever is current price at which the future is trading. In Limit Price option, we will be asked to put the ‘maximum price’ at which the Futures Contract can be bought. Margin trading is allowed in direct stocks only for intra day trade] In this case the investment would be Rs 500x477.05 = Rs 238,525. Hence we can broadly conclude that trading in direct stocks and trading in futures are similar.

There are few things more one can do with futures contracts that is not possible with direct stocks.
At the moment lets soak this information that Futures Contract are derivative of its underlying.

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