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Apr 15, 2015 In January 2015, forex broker Alpari UK applied for insolvency after the Swiss CMS Forex: The proprietary VT Trader platform offered by CMS Forex allows you to This Might Be the Best Time to Buy Colombian Pesos. The risk of loss in trading futures and options can be substantial, therefore only genuine "risk" funds should be used in such trading. Scan on both technical and fundamental data: Mix and match scanning criteria to discover new trading ideas. Because we're broker independent, providing flexibility and choice through our partnerships with respected online brokers and trade execution platform providers, you get our award-winning market data and technical analysis tools coupled with the trade execution platform(s) that work best for you.
A powerful and comprehensive stock screening tool with new scanning technology that allows you to scan global exchanges for real time trading opportunities that fit the criteria you choose for almost infinite scan combinations.
All-in-One Platform – Get real-time data, advanced technical analysis and idea generation, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Scan on both technical and fundamental data - Mix and match scanning criteria to discover new trading ideas. Advanced GET membership offers 3 free months of mentoring by our trader-instructors in the software's up-front purchase price, along with Foundations in Trading classes, pre-recorded classes and regularly scheduled member-only events focused on a different asset class or Advanced GET tool. Learn Options trading from the experts with training classes available, from basic to advanced strategies such as covered calls, vertical spreads, credit spreads, and weekly options strategies. Comprehensive Options Analysis Platform – Enhanced tools for the options trader including options training from industry experts.
A variety of chart types, chart intervals (OnDemand limited to intraday, minute bars), technical studies, drawing tools, alerts and trading integration functionality offer a high degree of customizability.
Trend lines are often used to highlight key support and resistance levels for optimized trading.

Each cell can optionally also display the Thermometer indicator which highlights the relative trading range for that day with the inside bar dynamically updating to reflect the current price. Bar replay allows you to step through your trading day bar by bar to assess strategies and adjust accordingly.
Make your best decisions with the research, back testing and information you need at your fingertips; then, execute trades and manage your portfolio with confidence from our easy-to-use trading platform.

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