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You will have THREE lists of stocks to choose from each day and it only takes minutes a day. One list is the top 10 best LONGS on that day for you to consider buying, the stocks that are most likely to go up. It is not necessary to study this course in order to make money with the Top 10 stocks service. To make money, you need to know what to buy and when to sell or when to short to make money when stocks go down. But you don’t have to do any of those calculations because we post these stock ideas for you on our report .
The Top 10 Stock Report isn't just a play on words – it really does give the best ideas for the next trading day and a sentiment indicator to suggest whether longs or shorts are working best. Once you do that, you're going to stick with "The TOP 10 STOCK REPORT" for a long, long time. One of the most thrilling and scary things you can do with your money is to buy individual stocks.
I like to hold a small portion of my investments in individual stocks because I have found it to be a very useful component to my overall plan for financial freedom (my money design as I call it).
Unlike when you own a mutual fund, you lose the safety and security of owning 100’s of stocks at one time when you buy pick and buy stocks one a time.  (Of course the experts have also said that you really only need 10-12 stocks to be adequately diversified). Google “how to pick stocks” and you’ll get more than conflicting information than you’ll know what do with. Let’s see if we can make finding good stocks to invest in easier on ourselves by letting someone else do it for us: Using analyst opinions. In case you didn’t know it, just about every major media website with a financial section has some form of an “analyst opinion” section that you can use to compare stocks.
Basically what they do is collect opinions from different investment firms, combine those opinions into some kind of weighted metric, and then publish it as “their recommendation” to either Buy, Sell, or Hold the asset.

Fidelity – As a Fidelity customer, I have access to their stock research and information. To keep this post from being a short Ebook in length, let me start off the case study by telling you that I’ve already bought and purchased my stock picks for the year in late January. The Dow Jones Industrial Average constitutes the top 30 industrial stocks in the US.  Think about if you were looking to pick classmates for a game of dodge ball.  Basically stocks in this group would be like picking the biggest and best ones!
The Dividend Aristocrats are a group of stocks who have raised their dividend payments to their shareholders every year for the past 25 years.  Again, to have done this, your company must be doing something right!
So now that we have the list of stocks I bought, let’s go to each of the websites above and collect the analyst opinions. Because I knew this would make a great topic for a blog post, I recorded the analyst opinions at the time of my stock purchase. MSN: MSN’s Money Stock Scouter gives a score between 1 and 10 where 10 is a strong indication to buy and 1 is a sell.
CONSOL is still a top-tier coal miner; it has some coal growth ahead thanks to its soon to be finished BMX Mine, which is expected to deliver 5 million tons of coal per year. Do this EACH DAY and you just aren't going to believe how much REAL, MEASURABLE, and PROFITABLE progress you're going to make in your stock trading and investing.
Aside from all the stock metrics and analysts opinions, I’ve always felt a key criteria in selecting an individual stock is to buy one you know. I’m not buying for the appreciation in the stock price itself but for the passive income stream that the dividends would provide. Most are trading at a fraction of pre-crisis value which has some investors wondering if the value of these stocks has plunged too far, making now a good time to invest in a rebound in coal. Among the group, I see two coal stocks with business models that set them apart from the group and give them an edge.
This is a place for our readers to discuss, debate, and learn more about the Foolish investing topic you read about above.

Now you can create a personalized watchlist and get immediate access to the personalized information you need to make successful investing decisions. While we believe these stocks could fall even further, we think that now is a good time to start building a position. The way I see it, even if the stock price remains relatively constant, I will continue to earn 3% or so as an income stream.
If you are looking to invest in coal, these are the two stocks worth digging into if you want to play the future rebound of coal.
The bottom line here, and what makes CONSOL a good stock to invest in, is its balanced approach which, when combined with its strong balance sheet, really sets it apart.
Further, coal from Baltimore has a much longer journey ahead of it to reach Asia than does coal from Australia, which is a good reason to dig deeper into Peabody's stock as a potential investment. That's why I think Peabody really has an advantage here because when you combine its low-cost coal reserves with its access to export markets, as well as its Australian coal operations, it has all the makings of a really good stock to invest in relative to these peers. We Fools may not all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors.
I love using it as a resource of information, but their opinions I tend to take with a bigger grain of salt. Since we all don't have the same risk tolerance, investors should take this into account when considering which of these stocks to purchase for their own DIY Dividend Portfolio.As shown in the table below, many of these stocks have relatively high sub-ratings as well.
It just means the stocks were a little more volatile recently than we expected.That said, we view all of these stocks as great candidates for your DIY Dividend Portfolio and encourage investors to do some of their own diligence on the stocks they are interested in before they pull the trigger.

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