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Using this checklist, you can compare and contrast pricing at all 74 online brokerages available to you using NerdWallet’s free brokerage comparison tool to make sure you’re really finding the best price and account for your needs. We chose TD Ameritrade as the best overall broker because it offers a top-notch trading platform, ThinkOrSwim, to all investors without any trading requirements or fees. I went to make an online trade with through them the other day and was quite surprised at the commission they wanted to charge me!
Anyway, no matter if you are investing on your own OR with a broker, if you cannot afford to loose it THEN don’t invest it. I find Bank of America…Merrill Lynch the hands down winner in discount brokerage and I still use two others because insurance limits.
SPECIAL REPORT: Interactive Brokers, OptionsHouse, and TD Ameritrade are Barron’s top brokers.
In our preparation for the 20th anniversary of Barron’s Annual Broker Survey, we still were a little surprised to see how high concerns about both their accounts and their brokers’ data had risen on investors’ worry list in the last year. Brokers are putting new systems in place that monitor customers’ accounts for unusual behavior, or for logins from suspect geographical areas.
Brokers expect mobile to continue to grow, both in terms of trading activity and platform capabilities.

Different online brokerages vary widely in terms of the fees associated with each account, so NerdWallet scoured the internet to find the best online brokers by category, whether you’re looking for a deep discount broker, commission free ETF trading, or the best customer service.
Although financial institutions are just a small target for computer hackers generally, some respondents said they’re constantly worried that data such as Social Security numbers could be pilfered outside the financial system and then used to steal their money from a bank or brokerage. Interactive has added an Ask the Experts Q&A Webinar series on topics such as its Option Strategy Lab and Volatility Lab, which take place in a Google+ chat room. Unmentioned were fears about the Y2K computer glitch that was supposed to empty brokerage accounts and grab airplanes out of the sky. The basic idea, says Erik Merkau, senior vice president of brokerage strategy and products, is to educate investors about “remaining vigilant and checking their account statements regularly as well as taking advantage of available resources, such as the ability to receive one free credit report annually from credit bureaus” that can alert them to problems. Read-only passwords, which allow either an app or an advisor to look at your account but not to make any changes, are still pretty rare for brokerage accounts. But if you think one might be useful, ask your broker to add this service; squeaky wheels do get greased. Some of the latest trends in online brokerage put even more stress on personal and brokerage securities systems.
As noted last year (“When All Screens Lead to the Bull,” March 17, 2014), mobile applications have proliferated so that you can connect with virtually any broker via your iPhone, or an Android or Windows-powered smartphone as well as their related tablets.

They will make their money one way or another.” Ram Subramaniam, president of Fidelity’s retail brokerage business, says his firm looks at more than commission rates in its appeal to retail investors. A “free” trade could cost quite a bit if the broker is relying on payment for order flow rather than trying to create price improvement opportunities. Of the brokers who report customer activity, the number of retail accounts grew by 5.1% between December 2013 and December 2014.
Reflecting the overall market rise as well as account growth, assets held at these brokers grew 17.8%.
Total retail trades increased 9.4% across all asset classes for our group of brokers, showing healthy activity.
With Nasdaq and other exchanges all near or at record highs, the more innovative brokers in our list are enjoying more activity. These three firms offer very different online experiences and are meant to appeal to different types of investors and traders.

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