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Beginners in the field of day trading often become amazed by others’ profits and so enter day trading thinking that they can also profit. A majority of traders today stick to losing trades even beyond the end of trading day with the hope that some time they become winning trades. Before you begin your career as a day trader, write down a list of day trading tips to follow and day trading habits to avoid.
For you to be a successful day trader there are a number of day trading rules that you need to be familiar with before you start. However, the rules can help them turn day trading into a lucrative job because they will help them prepare properly.Firstly, you must do your homework well. If you are a novice trader, one of the most important day trading rules is that you must avoid trading large share amounts. If you decide to engage in day trading for a living then this can be a very profitable venture for you. If you are considering day trading to make a living, you should be prepared emotionally to handle the good as well as the bad days.Your bank account should also be able to support your ability to leverage enough money to stay afloat until you start to rake in the profits. As a day trader you need to understand how the margin accounts work, how much time they will have to meet a margin call and the potential for overextending your credit beyond what you can afford to lose.

Apart from the fact that you can lose money quickly on a bad trade, day trading can be quite expensive since the trader will pay the spread multiple times throughout the day and incur multiple commissions. Even experienced traders do incur losses but they bounce back stronger than ever and that is the key to success.If you want to indulge in day trading for a living by all means go for it.
The day trading cover trading in stocks, commodity futures, equity index futures, shares, stocks and many more.
Ensure that you are at the trading center at least 40 minutes prior to the opening of the market. It will be safer for you to do this when you start making money consistently and this means being able to trade for 10 days in a row without making loses.
Borrowing cash is commonly used by day traders in the hopes that the profits will increase through the leverage.
If possible, work outside of market time with the aim of familiarizing yourself with stocks that are likely to be traded the following day. Do not use money that you use for your daily living or money you have saved up for your retirement as no matter the kind of experience you have, day trading is still a gamble.
Try to stay positive even when you make a loss and do more research to make better trading decisions instead of giving up.

Although there are other factors that may have caused your trading losses, just treat your losses as learning opportunities. Again, by the time the market opens, you must have a list showing potential trading stocks. Then whatever the result, don’t regret the trade, even if you rejected other profitable opportunities for the day. Even if you are get the best Trading Training from the best mentors, if you to fail to follow these rules, you will end up making disastrous economic losses. Discipline is sticking tenaciously to these day trading tips, regardless of how your trading day is going.
When you analyze them in terms of how they traded the day before, you will know whether or not to follow them.

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