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International Currency Exchange PLC is a chain of high street bureaux de change centres that buys and sells foreign currency. I’m guessing they are using different names and websites for each branch to get more coverage on the search engines and travel money comparison sites. That doesn’t matter to me though – I just want a good rate.To get the best rates they recommend you order your money in advance with their fast track service.

You can specify that you will pay in cash so that you don’t have to pay any money until you get to the branch.The branch is at 141 Victoria Street, a short walk from Victoria station. As Victoria Street is a busy area I’d recommend you bring your cash in a hidden money belt.
He retrieved the Yen very quickly and then put my pile of ?20 notes through a bank note counting machine.

They are very quick and seem to keep any verbal communication to the bare minimum.Both this and the Strand Branch of Thomas Exchange Global are very similar.

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