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If you are ready to take your trading to the next level, then you've come to the right place!
Justine does not hold back and shares her strategies in the Smart Trading Plan & System Development Course and training packages - you receive all the codes to her market scans, her exit strategies, her trading routine and she will guide you to put this all together in your own trading plan.
There is also plenty of free information available on this site including a range of free articles, monthly newsletters and a free special report that is packed with trading tips. Disclaimer: You should only speculate with money you can afford to lose, therefore ensure you fully understand the risks involved in trading in shares and CFDs.
You will be learning from best selling author and experienced stock and CFD trader, Justine Pollard, who will be teaching you all her trading strategies.

Fisher's ACD trading system uses intraday data to identify the daily opening range for finding trades. Just as the daily opening range has a greater chance than other times throughout the day of being the high or low, monthly opening range (OR) has a greater chance than another day in the month of being the high or low for the next 20 or so trading days. Simply take the high and the low of the first trading day of the month for the monthly OR, or take the first 10 trading days in January or July for the half-yearly OR and draw two lines across your chart. Pivot points are used to calculate Fibonacci levels of support and resistance, swing trade entry and exits, and in a host of other trading techniques. And, like any reliable technical trading technique, it is one that works in all time frames.

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