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Since 2002, Morpheus has been generating consistent profits through a simple and proven swing trading system for stocks and ETFs that works in up, down, and sideways markets across the globe. Depending on market conditions and type of swing trade setup (detailed below), we seek to hold our trades from several days to several months. Many active traders make the mistake of assuming a winning strategy for swing trading stocks needs to be complicated. Overall, the Morpheus Combo setup is one of our top swing trade setups because the combination of a bullish chart pattern and strong earnings growth frequently leads to powerful, high-momentum breakouts (which translate to rather profitable trades for our subscribers). With this swing trade setup, earnings growth is not important, but the stock or ETF must have a top relative strength rating (95 or higher) and belong to an industry sector group that is outperforming the S&P 500.
Our Relative Strength setup is the main trading technique discussed in Deron Wagner's popular book, Trading ETFs: Gaining An Edge With Technical Analysis. In our swing trader newsletter, we scored an actual 44% share price gain on the $TAN rally shown above.
Neither earnings growth nor a top relative strength rating is necessary with this type of swing trade setup. Click here to see several examples of actual pullback trades we have taken in the past, including brief videos that clearly explain our pullback trading strategy.

If you prefer videos to demonstrate concepts, check out the 7-minute video below, which uses annotated charts of actual past swing trades to summarize our simple trading strategy. Similarly, stocks trading at or near their 52-week highs have the least amount of overhead resistance to work through, and can therefore stay in uptrends longer than anyone expects.
Ideally, the best swing trading candidates will be trading at 52-week highs and fresh all-time highs, as they have no overhead supply (resistance) to work through.
Because approximately 80% of stocks follow the direction of the dominant market trend, all swing trade entries are also in sync with our rule-based stock market timing model. In bullish, uptrending markets, our main focus is on trading small to mid-cap growth stocks because they have the best capability to outperform the gains of the broad market. Knowing the right time to buy stocks and ETFs is only one part of the equation to becoming a successful swing trader. Because our strategy for trading stocks and ETFs is based on technical analysis and price momentum, common techniques known to work all over the world, our stock trading strategy works equally well for any market in the world, providing members who subscribe to our trading system with unlimited opportunities for profiting in various global stock markets. If you are serious about becoming a consistently profitable trader, you need a trading system that works. On the contrary, we have found simplest trading strategies are the best because they can be more easily and consistently followed without confusion.

For this reason, we focus on buying stocks and ETFs trading within 20% of their 52-week highs (in uptrending markets only). This enables us to achieve strong gains in healthy, uptrending markets, while seeking to avoid losses (or profit from short selling and trading inverse ETFs) in flat to downtrending markets.
However, in flat or downtrending markets, we shift our focus more to trading ETFs because they can provide us with a low correlation to the direction of the broad market (currency, commodity, fixed income, and international ETFs). To learn how to trade stocks based our proven swing trading techniques with an 11-year track record of success, sign up today for your 30-day risk-free access to The Wagner Daily or dramatically shorten your learning curve with the best swing trading video course around. Generally, the main goal of our exit strategy is to sell winning trades into strength when they have achieved a reward-risk ratio of at least 2 to 1.
Our exact, preset stop prices are provided with every ETF and stock pick entered in our Wagner Daily swing trading newsletter,.

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