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Yet many strategic plans are meticulously constructed on these foundations of sand, perched on top of forecasts that, in all probability, will prove to be hopelessly off the mark. Williamson is professor of international management, INSEAD Euro-Asia Centre, and chairman of the Strategos Research Institute. All the respondents said Singapore’s GDP per capita would never overtake Australia’s, but that had actually happened in 1993. But such a turbulent environment can also present opportunities, provided that utility companies pursue the right strategies and effectively execute them. To help themselves adhere to these principles despite a 30-year horizon for investment decisions, we recommend that utilities prepare a “strategic options roadmap” to help guide both current and potential future actions. The kind of analysis described above allows a company to develop a strategy to bring the core business to full potential, while also investing in close-in, attractive adjacent markets. A strategic options roadmap proactively identifies emerging changes to the environment or “signposts” that should prompt a utility to modify its strategy (see Figure 5). A baseline strategy that drives the core to full potential and invests in close-in adjacencies through a repeatable model.
A strategic options roadmap to create multiple options for growth in an uncertain environment.

A strategic planning process that enables the utility to actively monitor and update the signposts, and to have the discipline to make changes in the strategy as the environment changes.
A thorough review of a power generation portfolio informs decisions about how to reduce costs, raise revenues and make broader strategic plans.
Analysis of corporate strategic plans suggests that the minimum rate targeted by most companies averages about 5.5% a year. A clear-eyed look at a company’s position relative to its rivals often uncovers strategic possibilities. These, in turn, allow the company to develop a set of strategic options to both drive the core to full potential and pursue adjacency growth. Setting a strategy that extends well into the future—and has the flexibility to evolve—is no easy task, but history tells us that shareholders will reward utilities that effectively do so.
TelecomTV is viewed every day by 30,000 decision makers who get up-to-the-minute news, analysis, and interviews with industry thought leaders to make their strategic business decisions.
SVCs greatly outperform their peers in terms of total shareholder return, and almost 80% of them follow the approach of building on a strong core business, expanding into close adjacencies (often by applying a tried and tested “repeatable” business model) and proactively adjusting the strategy as the environment changes.
Rather, it reflects at least four dimensions: your most profitable customers, your most differentiated and strategic capabilities, your most critical product offerings and your most important channels.

For example, the US utility Wisconsin Energy (WE) developed an ambitious 10-year capital investment program for its core utility starting in 2000. Technology trends might include developments in distributed generation, central station renewables or the demand for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Given the long investment time horizons and the potential for major changes in policies, technologies, input prices and customer preferences, it’s critical for utility companies to develop strategic options.
They will monitor those trends closely, month in and month out, creating signposts and guidelines to inform strategic decisions.
Segment leaders with scale advantage nearly always earn a disproportionate share of profits over and above the cost of capital. Yet without load growth or at least a more buoyant economy, there is pressure to keep rate increases to a minimum, limiting investment capital.
NextEra Energy Resources has built repeatable core capabilities at all stages of wind project development and operation.

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