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For many years, silver was linked with currency trading since most civilizations used this metal to mint their coins.
Binary options traders must learn to find and recognize the factors that influence the price of silver. Nowadays, silver is one of the most precious metal on Earth and it is widely used in medicine, jewelry and electronics. As we mentioned earlier, silver is one of the most popular commodities on the market and there are plenty of reasons for this.
Sandra has a background in financial markets, having spent more than 9 years in commodities trading for several European and Asian companies.
As forex trading is being a huge profitable activity in the market nowadays, the range of commodities is increasingly variably on which one can invest their money on. Silver on the other hand is a little bit shy compared to gold, the main reason being the low availability of investment quality metal. Educational Programs: Under this customers are given training and guidance for trading with precious metals.
With gold higher and silver up almost $1.30, King World News today interviewed James Turk out of Spain. When asked about silver Turk stated, “During the most illiquid time of the trading day, somebody decided to take out all of the stops in silver.
With silver trading at $33.50 and gold breaking above $1,400 in early trading in London, King World News today interviewed James Turk out of Spain to get his thoughts. With silver closing at a new multi-decade high, King World News today interviewed James Turk out of Spain. We are at a new multi-decade high, silver is still in backwardation, Comex open interest has been expanding and perhaps most importantly, I refer to the insight Dan Norcini provided in the KNW Weekly Metals Wrap, namely that silver is trading above all of its important moving averages. With gold recently strengthening and silver attacking multi-decade highs, today King World News interviewed James Turk out of Germany.

In fact, the rise in silver interest rates itself suggests both a desperation to borrow physical silver at whatever cost to meet delivery demands and avoid a default as well as that physical silver is in such short supply people are willing to borrow it at unusually high rates. So even if a bullion bank is borrowing silver to sell spot to complete a hedge for a mining company, the important point is that the spot market is absorbing everything the bullion banks can throw at it, and even more importantly, silver remains in extreme backwardation which itself is growing. It’s bullish because it represents a recognition by the big bullion banks that are short silver that they are in trouble and need to cover their losing position.
So the commercial shorts in silver are about to be squeezed again and gold is going to hit new highs. The gradual drain of COMEX silver inventories seen in recent months continues and COMEX silver inventories are at 4 year lows. The small size of the physical silver market is seen in the fact that at $30 per ounce, the COMEX silver inventories are only worth some $3 billion. Market watchers said that it has been more than 10 years since silver futures were last in backwardation, an unusual term structure, associated with shortage of physical supply. Perez-Santalla said that silver futures have not been in backwardation since billionaire Warren Buffett bought 130 million ounces of silver between 1997 and 1998. Gold and silver are higher against all currencies (except the Canadian dollar) in the wake of the worse than expected trade deficit number ($40.6 billion).
However, the main factor that turns silver one of the most popular commodities is that it is highly demanded by the industrial sector. Trading forex, stocks and commodities on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.
The flexibility of forming speculations of gold and silver in the market is one of the biggest freedoms offered by a broker.
Silver is also known by the alias of “Miracle Metal” due to its peculiar features and uses.
It suggests that retail investment and industrial demand internationally is very robust and the small silver bullion market cannot cater to the level of demand for refined coin and bar product,” bullion dealer GoldCore said in a note on Friday.

This precious metal is one of the most popular commodities when it comes to binary options trading and many people prefer trading with silver rather than trading with natural gas, oil or other precious metals. From the perspective of supply and demand, the price of silver may go up or down depending on the availability of the raw material. Gold and silver are such metals whose prices fluctuate very conveniently and periodically, giving some favourable returns to the investors involved in binary trading. It’s an interview with Mihir Dange, co-founder of commodity trading firm Grafite Capital from the NYMEX, in which he discusses Chinese demand, backwardation and physical supply tightness. Many traders take advantage of this fact and combine it with thorough analysis in order to successfully predict the movement of the price of silver.
And the credit for these favourable returns goes to the brokers who are involved with gold and silver forex trading.
Mike’s book “Guide to investing in Gold and Silver “is still one of the most referred books in field of precious metal investing. US government allows investment in Gold and Silver Bullions as a way to handle tax through the usage of an IRA. Such as Eric Sprott’s PSLV which as of today is trading at an all time high premium of 30%! Therefore, in short, the function of brokers can be easily summarised as the players, who are bothered about your as well as their money, all through their strategies and their assurance to guide you through the issues of gold and silver forex trading.
And while last time its was the price plunge which eased supply needs, we are not so sure how one will be able to spin a collapse of the current, far lower paper silver price.

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