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The gold and silver charts shown below demonstrates the strange price action in silver futures after the announcement regarding Alibaba’s likely price increase at the open of trading in the stock today. The chart below shows gold futures prices during the same time frame as the silver chart above. In silver, the selling pressure started around July 15th of this year and the selling has not stopped. We have been watching the precious metals sector very carefully for several weeks and price action seems poised for a bounce as major support is underneath both silver and gold futures here.
The $1,180 – $1,200 price level has shown major support for gold futures prices which is clearly depicted on the weekly chart of gold futures shown above. As an options trader, we will likely use a put credit spread using the gold ETF (GLD) as the underlying asset. CBOE ETF options are SEC-regulated securities that are cleared by the Options Clearing Corporation, which has received a triple-A credit rating from Standard & Poor's.

CBOE ETF options are offered on the CBOE Hybrid system , a composite of the most valuable aspects of screen-based and floor-based trading environments.
CBOE ETF options are flexible investment tools that allow investors to manage risk, hedge their portfolios and add income. Gold prices fell from around $1,340 per ounce to a recent low slightly below $1,220 per ounce. A break of these levels would trigger some potentially strong selling pushing metals prices considerably lower. We are contrarian traders and the price action in precious metals is ripe for a potential bounce. The trade will have defined risk and will capitalize on higher gold prices, the passage of time, and reduced volatility in GLD options. Gold prices dropped nearly 9%, showing some strong relative strength against silver futures.

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