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Exchanging money at some airports and train stations can be a hassle—especially if the exchange office is closed when you get there.
Tip: Although RBC Royal Bank has more than 80 currencies, not all are always immediately available. The RBC Business Essentials Savings Account is the perfect complement to your day-to-day operating account, allowing you to earn interest on surplus cash. Deposit interest for this account is calculated on the applicable portion of the daily closing credit balance in each tier at the corresponding rate for the tier.
A variable rate term gives you the opportunity to reduce your amortization and save interest in the long run. The length of time that the mortgage terms and conditions (including interest rate) are in effect.

Sign and return your renewal forms — and if the interest rate changes before your actual mortgage renewal date, you'll automatically receive the lower rate for the term you chose. If you're thinking about renegotiating your current fixed mortgage rate to take advantage of lower rates, consider what your prepayment charges will be. Discover the features available with your RBC Royal Bank® Mortgage that can help you build your home equity faster and save money over the life of your mortgage. We've provided convenient access to many features you need to manage your RBC Royal Bank Mortgage.
Secure the future with HomeProtector life and disability or critical Illness insurance on your RBC mortgage. Our mortgage portability option lets you transfer the terms and conditions of your current RBC Royal Bank® mortgage to your new home, subject to a credit review and property appraisal when you make the new home purchase.

We offer a range of convenient and affordable travel services for both RBC® clients and non-clients at all of our branches. And in many cases, home equity products can offer you a lower interest rate as compared to other types of loans.

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