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3 Pretty Penny StocksJohn LansingThese penny stocks are set to make significant moves in just a few weeks’ time.
The increasingly higher lows and constant highs within this pattern tell us that buyers are more aggressive than sellers, confirmed by a breakout through a resistance level to signal a continuation of the prior uptrend.
In just about three weeks, one of these penny stocks looks to double its value, while the other could fall to nearly zero. Finding out where not to buy Penny Stocks based on commissions could mean a savings of several thousand dollars each year, depending on how many trades you place and how many shares.

The reason why defining what Penny Stocks are is so important is because as an individual investor (rather trader), you'll have to open up an account with an online broker to place your trades. So when choosing an online broker and where not to buy Penny Stocks, always consider the commissions before making a final decision. An Ascending Triangle, with its increasingly higher lows and constant highs, indicates that buyers are more aggressive than sellers. The answer to this can be different for each person, so coming up with the meaning to yourself is the first step prior to deciding where to buy and sell them.

If we instead used a broker that charges a low flat rate for low priced stocks as well, we could save a lot of money. All patterns identified happened on volume of at least 100,000 to help you weed out which penny stocks to buy and which ones to avoid.

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