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There are hundreds of newsletters and online services offering options trading recommendations for a monthly or annual fee. Make sure that you have done enough reading to have at least a basic knowledge of options trading, especially regarding risks and rewards.
For each plan, make sure that you understand the type of options trading strategy that the service will recommend or will be employing in an autotrading process. See if the service offered and its performance have been independently reviewed anywhere on the Net.
When you choose and subscribe to a service, conduct paper trades for the first three months while you become familiar with their system.

Never subscribe to a service that does not post actual, trade-by-trade results in a clear, understandable way.
When examining performance results, factor in broker's fees, which are much higher for options trading than for stock trading. It is tempting for those who are new to options trading to subscribe to one of these services. If there are several plans, write down a comparison of the different services and subscription rates. Ignore flame posts from angry investors who did not follow guidelines, and try to discern a true reflection of the service.

Make sure that you know how to get out of a trade if it goes wrong, even before the service recommends an exit.
Several offer automated trading through an online broker, which is even more tempting as a potentially profitable source of passive income.

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