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When high school students in district 186 are expelled they're left with few options to obtain a diploma or GED. Thanks to a cyberbullying law in Illinois, it's a crime to refuse to hand over students' social media passwords if the school wants them.
Over a decade ago, the Springfield NAACP started an initiative to address the number of black students being expelled.
Triad district superintendent Leigh Lewis told Motherboard, “If they didn't turn over the password, we would call our district attorneys because they would be in violation of the law.”In 2013, a California school district started paying Geo Listening for social media surveillance of 13,000 students, services that supposedly are for the safety of those students. Since the year 2000, expelled high schoolers have been provided an alternative through those efforts - thanks in large part to retired teachers.
In 2014, it came to light that an Alabama school district had started monitoring what students posted on social media sites both on and off campus. She focuses on the unique challenges of maintaining privacy and security, both for individuals and enterprises.
The school had secretly been using the SAFe program for 18 months, allegedly because the NSA told the school security officer to do so.

After it hit the news, we learned that 20 students had been placed in alternative programs, three had been expelled and one student was referred for counseling because of their social media posts.But that’s not the same thing as requiring students to hand over their passwords. It could happen since Illinois passed 2015 legislation aimed at preventing and prohibiting cyberbullying. The new law states if a school has a reasonable cause to believe that a student’s account on a social network contains evidence that a student has violated a schools disciplinary rule of policy.
Getting Your Report Card: A Venn DiagramStudent at School for Few Weeks Experiences Freedom, Realizes He Can Never Live with Parents AgainHot TA Vs. Yet if the proposed changes to CFAA mean that sharing your password for an online service – even with another member of your family could be a felony, then it seems reasonable that students sharing their passwords with a school – or being coerced to do so – would also run afoul of the proposed CFAA amendments. As happened in Alabama’s SAFe program, sooner or later some school official will find digital dirt on students that has nothing to do with cyberbullying.
Students end up here if they have been expelled from their schools for violent or drug-related infractions. Betts is the kind of educator whose passion for helping kids can not be stifled by retirement, or a miniscule paycheck.

She's been here nearly a decade after retiring from 37 years teaching elementary: "The students are very challenging, but cooperative, and very rewarding.
We're the security, we're the administrations, we're the support for the teachers, and at the same time we're mentoring and advocating for the students as well." Williams explains some students who get expelled from district 186 are placed into GED courses like those at the Lawrence Education Center.
But there are more extreme cases where students' only option is enrolling in the NAACP's Alternative Education Program. He's slowly taking over Betts's roll as the leader of the program, though Betts says he will always advocate for the students of district 186. Betts says the number of students each year fluctuates and estimates the average has been 25 to 30.
For now, the program will continue to serve as a second chance for students like Adrianna Sivels who may have made some mistakes or faced obstacles in the way of their studies - but are willing to put in the work required to graduate from high school.

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