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When searching for the best online stock trading site, there are some key selection factors you need to know. Selecting the best stock trading site that provides the fastest execution of their trade transactions is another top priority for online traders and investors.
Depending on the type of investor or trader you are, there are a number of online stock brokers and discount trading sites that might appeal to you. Making a wise decision when choosing a broker can return substantial amounts of cash to your pocket that could otherwise disappear in fees and commissions, so it is worth knowing what you want before selecting a trading platform.

Below is our high-level selection methodology, followed by a high ranking comparison table of these selected trading sites. The broker selection table is followed by a more detailed online stock trading review of each of these selected stock brokerages. AdvisoryHQ News started out with a comprehensive list of online and full-service trading websites.
If you are only trading stocks and just starting out, the $0 minimum balance to open an account will be very appealing.

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