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With the advent of the internet, investors can now enter orders directly online, or even trade with other investors via ECN’s (electronic communication networks).
Online brokers are most often referred to as discount brokers, due to their lower fees as opposed to full service brokers who also give advice to clients.
Before choosing to invest or trade online it is important for investors to research the online brokers that they plan to employ, assuring that they are licensed within their state or provincial jurisdiction. Investors must also fully understand the potential risks of investing without the help of a trained Stock Broker or Investment Advisor. Once investors have chosen an online brokerage that best suits their needs, they will be provided a trading platform.
Some of the popular online brokers include: E*TRADE, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, and Fidelity. Investment science can be defined as the presentation of scientific principles to investments. A NEW survey of Canadian online investors has found that few rely on formal disclosure documents like annual reports for investment information, even though most describe themselves as long-term investors. The findings of the latest RBC Direct Investing poll of 630 online investors once again highlights the need for companies and their regulators to rethink the role annual reports and prospectuses play in investor relations and financial disclosure programs. The poll found that just 12% of those surveyed said they used “mutual fund prospectuses or corporate annual reports” for their online investing research. The results of this survey echo findings in a range of other investor surveys going back several years.

Recently, a survey by Sweden-based Box IR of 106 investment professionals found that online annual reports ranked among the least useful activities companies can undertake. However, despite the persistent mounting evidence that investors seldom read the documents, companies continue to spend large amounts each year creating annual reports for both print and the web. While there remains a need for a print and PDF audited annual corporate reference document, any investment in such a document for marketing communications purposes is wasted since they are seldom used. Other key findings from the RBC Direct Investing poll include that only 15% of online investor account holders invest for short-term goals while 46% invest only for the long-term and 39% invest for a combination of goals. Top reasons for opening an online brokerage account include convenience (96%), to have control over investments (95%) to save on fees and commissions (92%) and to become a better educated investor (76%). They will merge your online accounts into one simple login for all your contracts on Investor Access. Some orders entered online are still routed through the broker allowing agents to approve or monitor the trades. This step will help to protect investors from falling victim to unlawful or illegal securities schemes (e.g. This platform acts as the hub, allowing investors to purchase and sell securities (fixed income and equities), options, mutual funds, and forex.
Schwab is an example of a hybrid broker combining a traditional, brick-and-mortar brokerage house with discounted trading online, with the usual benefits of both available to customers. Interestingly, more females (17%) than males (9%) do online investing research using these sources.

All show that few investors use corporate annual reports and formal disclosure documents – and those who do consult them do so only briefly. And a large-scale survey (PDF 720KB) by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in 2008 found that more than half of retail investors surveyed said they rarely, very rarely or never read company annual reports. Companies would do better to reallocate resources to providing non-annual report web resources that target the needs of their various investors. Fully 73% of online investors have been investing for longer than three years and of these, 92% are 36 or older.
He is a consultant to leading public companies and investor relations service providers worldwide. Our core philosophy is that investors' needs must come first or companies' online communications efforts will fail to be effective.
Often, more robust research tools are available such as full, in-depth analyst reports and analysis, and customized backtesting to see how particular investment strategies would have been realized during different historical periods.
Some less known online brokers are Forex, Interactive Brokers, Lightspeed, Marsco, optionsXpress and Zecco.

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