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Deposit funds into your new MT4 sub-account, log in to MT4 using your new account credentials, and start trading. Trading MT4 with OANDA gives you everything you like about MT4, plus all the benefits of OANDA's award-winning platform. Scan the market for trading opportunities, by accessing over 50 built in indicators from OANDA, MT4 and Autochartist. In order to sign into OANDA MT4, you need to enter the account number and password associated with your MT4 sub-account and then select the server you would like to access. If you need to find the account number for your MT4 sub-account, sign into the Funds Management System. Once you have funded your fxTrade account, sign in to the Funds Management System, and transfer funds into your MT4 sub-account(s). Note: for the account to synchronize correctly on the MT4 interface, these trades need to be in lots or mini lots to avoid rounding differences. 2) Units versus Lots -- You can trade any amount with the OANDA fxTrade platform, even a single unit.
5)There is not a recent tick for that instrument in MT4 (in this case, you should still be able to trade the instrument on the fxTrade platform).

You should also see an explanation that includes more details in your MT4 mailbox at the time you attempt to close the trade. Because MT4 does not support OANDA style "Limit Orders," any pending orders created through the fxTrade platform will not appear. OANDA Technical Analysis, including Autochartist services and content, is provided for informational purposes only, and does not take into account any individual's personal circumstances, investment objectives, or risk tolerance.
OANDA clients require an fxTrade account with an MT4 sub-account in order to access a licensed version of the MT4 platform that is hooked up with OANDA’s execution and spreads.
OANDA cannot provide support for an externally developed EA and assumes no liability for loss attributable to the use of EAs on the MetaTrader 4 software. On OANDA MT4, you can only trade lots (100,000 units), mini lots (tenths of a lot), or micro lots (hundredths of a lot). MT4 uses bid prices to build all candles and does not draw candles that do not contain any ticks. If your account doesn't have enough funds to cover your open trades, the OANDA servers will close all of your open trades. However, be aware that if you enter more precise trades there will be discrepancies between the records of OANDA MT4 and the fxTrade platform because MT4 is not able to show the necessary level of accuracy for any-size trades.

This means that if your computer is not running OANDA MT4, the trailing stops are not being tracked and will not close any trades. It is not supported by OANDA and will display rates that are inconsistent with those from the fxTrade platform. OANDA assumes no liability for loss attributable to the use of EAs on the MetaTrader 4 software.
You can identify which sub-accounts are compatible with MT4 by looking for a small MT4 icon beside the name.
However, the smallest MT4 trading size is a micro lot (1,000 units), so with 50:1 leverage, the minimum amount to make this trade would be 20 units (or more for lower leverage). This means that when fxTrade is offline for maintenance, MT4 clients won't be able to execute trades.
However, please be aware that the OANDA MetaTrader 4 platform must be running on your computer, and it must be connected to OANDA’s servers, in order to run a EA.

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