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If you have additional MT4 questions, please post your question and we will reply with an answer!
Some technical issues that can occur with the platform will need to be corrected by performing a full uninstall and reinstall of the MT4 platform.
An Auto Account Sync occurs to update the balance on MT4 to be identical to the balance on FXCM’s reports, which is the statement of record and displays the real value of your account.
No funds are incorrectly added or removed if an Account Auto Sync happens since the Auto Sync process updates the MT4 platform balance to be identical to the FXCM account balance. Because there is a -$2 balance difference between the FXCM read-only statement and the MT4 platform, an Auto Account Sync will subtract $2 from the MT4 balance to match the FXCM read-only account balance.
Auto Account Syncs are necessary to update the MT4 platform balance to the correct read-only balance. The read-only balance will update first and then an Auto Account Sync updates the MT4 balance to be identical. To track your account activity, please log into myFXCM with your read only login and go to the Report section to view an Account Statement. If you believe that an Auto Account Sync is incorrect please compare your Metatrader 4 trading journal with your FXCM account statement.
If you still think an Auto Account sync is wrong, then you can click here to chat and we can look into your inquiry in detail. Click here for a video that explains Auto Account Syncs and why they occur when trading with Metatrader 4.
While FXCM continues to make improvements to our MT 4 platform, Auto Account Syncs will continue to occur when the bridge connection synchronizes balance changes from the FXCM read-only account to the MT 4 Platform.

MT4 EA users can avoid Auto Syncs if they code their EAs for Strategy Trader - FXCM's automated trading platform built for No Dealing Desk execution. If you have a commercial EA that you purchased or downloaded, then we can contact the EA provider to get the EA coded for Strategy Trader.
If you coded your own MT4 EA, then you can code your EA for Strategy Trader using the open source C# programming language, allowing you to code and debug in Microsoft Visual Studio. The error message Off Quotes happens because of a technical issue or because an order is placed that is not supported by the MT4 platform.
Off Quotes happens because of a technical issue when you attempt to close a position that has already been closed on your read-only account. While FXCM continues to make improvements to our MT4 platform, Off Quotes may happen on the MT4 platform in the future due to MT4 technology limitations. MT4 EA users can avoid Off Quotes if they code their EAs for Strategy Trader - FXCM's automated trading platform built for No Dealing Desk execution. If you are still not able to log in after using the correct server, it may be because the demo expired or because other information is being entered incorrectly. There is no restriction to how many demo accounts you can open; you can open as many demo accounts as you'd like.
If the trading desk is open, then the computer you are using cannot connect to the MT4 platform. When originally signing up for your account your login details were sent to the e-mail address included in the application. This is a display issue and the trade that is visible in the MT4 platform has actually been closed but never updated in MT4.

If you do not leave the demo account dormant for more than 30 days, then the demo account will never expire.
If you would like to have more than one MT4 platform open at a time, you will need to install multiple MT4s on your computer. This decreases the time it takes to execute trades and simplifies account management so that you can focus on finding trading opportunities.
Be sure to include the read-only account number and allow two business days to complete the transfer.
Please follow the simple steps below to download and install multiple MT4 platforms on one computer: Step 1.
Step 5.Look through the Account Activity section at the bottom of the read-only report for trade rollover, deposits or withdrawals. If the trade that you are modifying in the MT4 platform does not appear as an open trade in the read-only report, then the trade has already been closed and should not appear in the MT4 platform. To connect, please open your personal firewall settings and allow the FXCM MT4 platform Internet Access.
The MT4 platform updates constantly with the latest prices and normal web browsing does not require this much dedicated resources. Please use the correct server below that corresponds to what type of FXCM Metatrader 4 account you are trying to log in to: If you are unable to reset your password online or login following the steps above, then Click Here to Chat and we can reset your password.

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