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With Statista, you get straight to the point: analyzing data, rather than searching for it. So, I don’t find much support in a depreciating currency as part of the explanation for the rise in prices. If you're looking for other influential variables, I would think that regional and global refinery capacity utilization might be a more promising place to start than retail gasoline outlets.
The various indicators for crude prices are available, so crude price movements could be extracted from the data.
I think your analysis over time needs to account for their being a relationship between crude and the Canadian dollar - over the 1990s time period you cite, the real dollar decrease in crude prices globally (they increased by 1.1% per year in $US terms) was exacerbated in Canada by a decrease in the dollar, which kept crude prices even flatter in Canadian dollar terms than they were in the world market over that period. If the two ratios track one-for-one over time, then the remaining effect is due to the exchange rate.
For international arbitrage to happen transport costs must not be excessive, undoing possible price differentials between domestic and foreign goods. Following the 2008 global financial crisis, exchange rate movements began to strongly fluctuate because of expansionary monetary policies adopted by key central banks.
An innovative method to overcome this data problem is presented in a new ADBI working paper where the authors use highly disaggregate and detailed data on parcel flows transported through the international postal network as a proxy for short-term trade flows. Applying a Vector Error Correction (VER) model designed for panels with large time and group dimension to the data set of Australia, Japan, and New Zealand, Anson et al.
Last week's trading session saw the foreign exchange rate markets slump in response to the better than forecast US initial jobless claims figures, with the British Pound to Dollar and Euro exchange rates continuing to trend in a softer position on Friday.
Exchange Rates UK - The advice provided on this website is general advice only and does not constitute as a financial recommendation.
All data shown, such as that of the Pound Sterling, dollar or euro exchange rates are indicative of interbank rate and should only be used as an indication of market movement.

Intermediate prices for refined products are also available (because there are major distribution centres where refined products are sold to independents, and they post prices online - though this data only goes back so far and is harder to get). However, over that time period, the average annual growth rate for world oil prices denominated in Canadian dollar terms was less than 1% per year (0.8% per year on average).
International logistics’ chains are highly efficient—handling and shipping costs account for only a small fraction of the price of a good.
At the same time, the three countries have freely floating exchange rate regimes—if this was not the case, arbitrage might be more difficult, for example in the case of a fixed exchange rate regime. First, as the most dynamic region for e-commerce, a better understanding of the behavior of online consumers and producers when faced with exchange rate swings is crucial.
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ExchangeRatesUK will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. Source: Table 3260009 - Average retail prices for gasoline and fuel oil, by urban centre, monthly (Cents per litre). There have been consumer price spikes in the past that have been largely caused by refinery market issues, such as supply constraints caused by refineries going offline during busy summer seasons, for example.
In their quest for the best deals, consumers in the region are taking advantage of exchange rate movements, and shop abroad whenever the exchange rate is favorable. Once international transport costs are taken into account, the key exogenous determinants of international arbitrage are exchange rate movements.
Figure 1 shows the sizable exchange rate movements experienced by Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Merging these daily parcel exchanges with daily exchange rates allows for the testing of short-term international arbitrage.

And, as Figure 1 shows, the exchange rates have been fluctuating considerably over the past several years.
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However, you probably would want to do a fuller analysis whereby some simultaneity between crude prices and the exchange rate is taken into account when trying to isolate the effect on gasoline prices.
Our research proves that short-term international price arbitrage is occurring—an important finding for monetary policy and the private sector (Anson, Boffa and Helble 2014). As prices adjust relatively slowly to exchange rate movements, sudden variations of exchange rates open up the possibility of international arbitrage in cross-border e-commerce transactions. Given the well-established empirical result that prices are sticky in the short term, these strong exchange rate movements have thus opened up the possibility of short-term international price arbitrage for these countries and their trade partners. Despite its importance, empirical evidence on short-term international arbitrage is scarce for data reasons.
Whereas data on daily international exchange rates are available, there is a lack of short-term (daily or weekly) trade data or similar data that would allow the approximation of the flow of goods across borders. A better understanding of their reaction to exchange rate swings is therefore becoming increasingly important, not only for the private sector, but also for central banks. The US University of Michigan Confidence index (due out on Friday) could also affect the Pound to Dollar exchange rate.

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