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When adding additional Exchange Rate, select required Currency Unit from the drop-down menu.
NOTE: When exchange is set as automatic through Yahoo Finance for example, their displayed balances will change with the market value of each currency, depending on your base currency setting. In my previous post, I explained exactly how Capital One calculates its currency exchange rate. I looked up the currency conversion rates on three different dates, just to see if there were any discrepancies.
Visa: This is the rate used for all EUR to USD transactions, the details are described above. MasterCard: This website has a similar conversion tool to Visa where you input the date and the type of currency.
If I may twist the figures in yet another way, I find it relevant to note that when the VISA rate is bad, it is only bad by 0,2 or 0,3% of the mid market rate. What is interesting, looking at the Visa exchange rates, is that they seem to be giving you the worst possible rate that traded during a day, depending on the direction you are trading.
The analysis that Ryan has done (excellent analysis Ryan) and the recent volatility in the currency markets seems to prove that Visa, is to say the least, using a sharp practice in their rate setting. However, on my latest trip, I was a bit surprised to see a large difference of money taken out of my account from my ATM withdrawals when comparing the actual withdrawal on my statement online vs my calculated withdrawal according to what Google and XE told me the rate was for the day.
Conclusion: Rates across exchange providers are similar for euros-USD but not for other non popular currencies.
This shows any gains or losses for that particular invoice if the exchange rate changes between the date the invoice was issued and the date it was paid.

Choose to manually regulate your Currency value or have Yahoo Finance regulate your exchange as a default exchange engine. Manually configure the rate as listed, or change Source to Yahoo Finance as default exchange engine for automated exchange rates.
The Visa rate is selected from a range of rates available in wholesale currency markets or the government-mandated rate in effect one day prior to the applicable central processing date. My experience right now in South Korea with exchange rates on my Capital One VISA credit card and Bank of America Master card is exactly opposite to what this article says. This flexibility permits reporting of the monthly depreciation expense in appropriate dollar amounts as needed. The conversion rate for the current reporting period can be entered at any time prior to the report being generated. Visa makes this rate available to issuing banks, which may adjust the rate when billing cardholders by applying a foreign transaction fee. These rates generally reflect either wholesale market rates or government mandated rates that are collected during the daily rate setting process. The exchange rates from Korean Won to US Dollar applied to my purchases are consistently WORSE for the Capital One VISA compared to the BOA Master card by about 1.5%.
The interbank rate on Jan 2nd, 2015 was around KRW 1103 = USD 1, pretty close to the exchange rate used by Master card.
The Visa, Mastercard, Google, XE, etc rates are all very close to each other so no need to get in a fuss about that. Instead, at the end of the day their traders will have achieved a rate that is better than the closing rate in one direction, but worse in the other direction.

This combination of variables covers many different reporting scenarios based on the choice of rate type. The rate Visa makes available to issuing banks may vary from the rate Visa itself receives.
The displayed rates are derived from the buy and sell rates included in the MasterCard daily rate setting process and do not include any charges or markups applied by the Issuer. Cardholders are simply charged this rate, which is why as a GBP Mastercard holder spending in USD, AUD and EUR, I have over the past year always been charged rates which are up to 1% in my favour.
Please note that due to possible rounding differences, the displayed rates may not precisely reflect the actual rate applied to the transaction amount when converting to the card holder billing amount. I tried to find the MasterCard conversion rates for January 2nd, 2015 for USD to KRW (South Korean Won) but for some reason the KRW is not a currency that you can choose. VISA is absolutely worse by almost 1.5% in their exchange rate, which is not disclosed nor transparent.
During the day all the traders will be trying to convert this money at the best possible rate. The exchange rate that is applied to a transaction is the exchange rate as of the day of settlement which is the day that MasterCard determines the settlement amount to be exchanged between the acquirer and the issuer. The settlement date is therefore typically different from the date of the actual transaction.

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