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Card games have been a welcomed genre for a long time since the smartphone was not widely used yet. In 2012, something unexpected happened: a Japanese-developed collectible card game became a sensation in the West. When it comes to the game's success, says Akihiro Iino, company director of Rage of Bahamut developer Cygames, "We weren't surprised, because there was already a market overseas for card games. In fact, nobody anticipated that "whirlwind of popularity." It's clear, however, that since Rage of Bahamut hit the App Store and Google Play a year ago, the genre has become a durable facet of the mobile ecosystem. But on reflection, says Scott, the success makes sense: "Collectible card games are an incredibly elegant framework for great mobile social gaming experiences. The games are popular because of their compulsive, collector-driven gameplay, of course, but Horiuchi also argues that it's their service-based nature that is the key to their success. Some items are capable of destroying cards completely, allowing more than one card to be drawn per turn, enhancing or weaking allies, or even resurrecting discarded or destroyed cards. Another qualm with Shadow Era is that the game seems to come short of its stylistic potential.
The first of four games on the publisher's release schedule is from China-based iFree Studios, which has created over 10 trading-card games, including battle-card game Lies of Astaroth.
Gameplay is horizontal rather than vertical, and gamers can share battle replays, reap daily log-in rewards, participate in daily quest events (and later week-long events), and engage in a draft battle player-versus-player mode where they duel with random decks of cards.
Now almost everyone has a smartphone, which is a good platform for playing card games everywhere. Busey claimed that because of the rapidly rising number of TCGs, they aimed to simplify the gameplay of TCG but raise the quality level of this genre on mobile. Spicy Horse's upcoming card game Hell Invaders, which is designed to be different from the standard static TCG, will be something of a genre hybrid combing elements of TCG with RTS mechanics. Rage of Bahamut, developed in Tokyo by Cygames and published by Japanese mobile giant DeNA's U.S.

Just as importantly, it went a long way toward proving the widely held supposition that niche-targeted mobile games can monetize reliably off of a smaller, more engaged audience. As of this week, Rage of Bahamut is still the number three grossing app on Google Play, alongside other card games like Marvel: War of Heroes (number two, also by Cygames) and Dark Summoner. Now, with games like Warstorm from Zynga, they’ve become more common in the digital world.
With a high quality turn-based strategy game already in Wulven’s repertoire, expectations ran high for the digital trading-card game.
They take turns playing cards in an attempt to kill the other player’s chosen hero, winning gold and experience upon doing so. Each turn, players are given a full amount of “Resources” with the maximum amount based on “Sacrifices.” During their turn, players have the opportunity to sacrifice a card in their hand in order to increase their Resource cap, which is used to play cards. The latter consists of standard attack power ratings and health and is used to attack enemy ally cards or the enemy hero. It doesn’t sound like much, but the game doesn’t do a very good job at telling the player this until they actually do it. As soon as the player enters the game world, they are given a map with AI enemies they can battle.
Players are matched based on level, and with the large variety of cards, most of which hold special abilities and powers, the level of strategic and tactical depth is immense. With simple rules, the game has a great deal of depth to it, and the cross-platform multiplayer setting gives the game an extra incentive not available in many other digital trading-card games.
As a publisher, it deals in massively multiplayer online games like Neverwinter, first-person shooters such as Blacklight: Retribution, and action-RPGs including Torchlight. It will launch by the end of next week in the North American App Store with 200 cards and campaigns that span 80 stages and four kingdoms. So in this feature, I'm going to recommend you some card games for mobile, most are TCG, hope you'll be interested.

They have combined their past experiences with the most advanced mobile technology to brought gamers not only stunning visual effects but also accessible and deeply strategic gameplay. So, you'll watch a fully 3D representation of your heroes battling in real time instead of the screen shaking only after dealing a card. Since its launch, Wulven Game Studios says the game has grown to more than 200,000 players with more than 3,000 players online at any time.
These cards, generally, may not attack their first term, and will automatically defend themselves if attacked and not killed in that first attack.
To monetize, the game does what one might expect, and sells card packs with a virtual currency called Shadow Crystals.
Even without this, however, the game is fun to play and really only misses out on the fun that comes from collecting actual, tangible cards. To find out more, Gamasutra spoke to the companies who know: the Rage of Bahamut partners, Cygames, DeNA, and Ngmoco, as well as DeNA's chief rival, Gree, and Japan's biggest success in the genre, Konami.
This creates an initial balance in play by preventing users from utilizing their most powerful cards from the start. This wouldn’t be so bad, but the game does this frequently with many rules, leaving a new player blind.
The key word is “appears,” as players can actually battle or play cross-platform against other players, organize their deck, and buy new cards.

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