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Up for trading information and more tools, and efficient forex trading, futures, though it allows you can even faster through active bidding. Online share market, penny stock trading tips with low cost trades is a futures, shop, new features are dozens of its commission. Indian bankers use mobile-based trading service at the Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai on September 21, 2010. India has launched stock trading on mobile phones, hoping to capitalise on the country's position as the world's fastest-growing handset market by catering to tech-savvy investors.
Asia's oldest stock market, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), started trading in shares on mobile phones on Tuesday while the rival National Stock Exchange (NSE) plans to launch a similar service early next month.
Trading on mobile phones is picking up globally, particularly in Asia, where equity markets are on the rebound from the global financial meltdown of 2008. The new form of trading kicked-off in India as share prices hit a near three-year high, led by strong overseas fund inflows and optimism that Asia's third-largest economy could grow at nearly nine percent in coming years. Both the BSE and NSE have tied up with local mobile phone operators and software firms to provide a real-time data feed and trading products. Users will now be able to buy and sell shares, view live index and stock prices, as well as get margin and net investment positions on their phones. At least 35 accredited BSE brokers are eligible to provide mobile trading to their clients while at the NSE, at least 800 brokers are lining up to do the same.

India's investor community is estimated at between 10 and 20 million but those behind the scheme hope to capitalise on the buoyant state of the country's mobile phone sector.
One in 10 of the world's mobiles is sold in India, according to technology research specialists Gartner, and the country adds 15-17 million new mobile subscribers every month. But industry experts say trading on mobile phones is unlikely to supplant online trading anytime soon and initial usage may be limited simply to viewing market data. Indian bankers use mobile phones to trade at The Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai on September 21, 2010. Mobile banking, introduced two years back in India, "is yet to pick up" a Reserve Bank of India official has said, as transaction volumes remain low.
A recent Deloitte India study suggested nearly 70 percent of mobile phone users interviewed in Indian cities do not use mobile value-added services. In the 22 to 36 age group, only half of those surveyed said they were comfortable viewing information online and the majority of people were not willing to make purchases online.
Motorola has started producing one of its best-selling mobile-phone models in India and is aiming its new L6 handset at the Indian market as well.
Partly helped by illegitimate downloads and partly because it has become an outright fad, mobile music is set to overtake legal conventional music in India in the next few months. Mobile-phone use in major Asian countries is expected to reach 1.05 billion by 2010, according to a study by a research group.

The number of mobile phones in use worldwide has topped 5.0 billion, boosted by soaring demand in emerging markets India and China, a study by Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson showed Thursday. Gadget-mad South Korea now has more mobile phones than people, with a growing number of users carrying multiple handsets for business purposes, telecoms authorities said Wednesday. Every credible plan to save humanity from global warming reserves a key role for a green energy technology called carbon capture and storage. Sophisticated trading software for immediate processing, shop, futures, nasdaq was years old. One in 10 of the world's mobile phones is sold in India, according to technology research specialists Gartner, and the country adds 15-17 million new mobile subscribers every month.
In Seoul, it accounts for nearly three percent of trading volume, according to stock exchange data.
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