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The Bank of America Merrill Lynch online brokerage offers trade execution for up to 30 trades per month with no commission charges, providing you’ve got a minimum of $25,000 across your Bank of America accounts. So most traders are pushed toward using the Merrill Edge trading workstation, which is clunky to use and wants to encourage you toward a managed account (with the higher fees), it’s not a surprise that the Barron’s 2012 survey of online brokers put Merrill Edge way down the list. Over this number of trades, or under the 25k account balance, stock trades are charged at a flat $6.95, about average in today’s market. As would be expected from such a large bank that consumed one of the world’s largest investment houses, the research available from Merrill Edge is pretty comprehensive. It’s possible to retrieve full account details of all accounts held at Bank of America, but many traders prefer to keep these separate. The free of commission trades are calculated as to a complicated formula to measure your account balance. Mutual funds can be traded at Merrill Edge, and if on its list of no transaction fees funds, then you won’t be charged either on the buy or sell side. Most online brokerages understand that many of their customers live a lonely existence, and offer a forum or community to interact with other trading members of their platforms.
The bottom line is that if you are an active trader, maybe trading on margin, with a deposit balance of less than $25,000 there are better online brokerages.
I’ve been using Merrill Edge for the past couple of months (made the switch from Etrade, although I still have one account there).

Overall, I made the switch because I get a bunch of free trades, real-time transfers from my bank accounts to my brokerage accounts, free trading workstation access, streaming quotes, and an overall decent online platform. Merrill Lynch, which was rolled into Bank of America (BAC-PX) during the financial crises in September 2008, is the latest of an increasing number of investment banks to offer account services through mobile device applications. Bank of America and Chase Bank also offer Android mobile banking apps, and the iPad has additional capability compared to the other devices in the new Merrill Lynch apps.
Merrill Lynch clients can use the new apps to check balances and perform transactions anytime and anywhere.
The iPad apps offer more features including personalized dashboards and access to the latest research reports from BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research, according to the press release.
Merrill Lynch's integrated investment statement offers clients a more complete view of their financial picture. Of course this is only available to those that have $25,000 or more deposited in Bank of America accounts, so cynics might see this as either an attempt to retain the business of higher worth clients or encourage stock traders to move their assets to Bank of America.
However, if you are an investor that maybe trades with a swing trading strategy, and particlulary if you are an existing Bank of America customer who doesn’t want to exchange trading ideas or converse with others, then Merril Edge gives you a cheap way to trade basic order flow. My account info is always up to date and things seem to be working just fine on that level.
As I said above, I still have an Etrade account for basically one reason – I can trade the occasional penny stock or leveraged ETF.

Merrill Edge and MyMerrill joined a host of iOS offerings which includes Chase Bank(JPM), Capital One (COF) and Citibank (C).
They can view their portfolio, holdings and account activity, according to the press release. Be sure to mark the box to "Permit" the Inclusion of Mortgage Loan Information on Merrill Lynch Investment Account Statements. However, if transferring funds in or out, a fee of $75 is charged, whereas most brokers will wave such a fee in anticipation of gaining the servicing and other commissions through the lifetime of the account.
As with its entire offering, if you want to talk to someone, then it had better be a Merrill representative, who will probably try to sell you a higher cost service. There are NO fees for incoming accounts (I would know as I transferred an IRA over to them just two months ago).
If you don’t bank with BoA then it may be tougher to get those, but you still only need to trade 15 times a quarter to qualify (or have 25k in cash between all of your Merrill Edge accounts).

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