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Your bank account is the crux of nearly all of your day-to-day financial dealings, regardless of the country you live in. Whether you choose JP Bank, Joyo Bank, UFG, Mizuho or any of the others, the information you need to bring with you will be pretty much the same.
I know this looks like a super long word, but it’s just asking if whether or not you want to use the pin number service for in-person withdrawals.
Just to show that it really isn’t that much harder from bank to bank, this is a copy of the paper work from Joyo Bank, another bank in my area. Donald Ash is an ATLien expat who has been living in a Japanese time warp for the last six years.
I have been told by other banks that I must live in Japan for at least 6 months before I can make and account. You’re right, Tasha, that proof of residency thing can delay matters for bank accounts and for cell phones.
I just opened my bank account at JP Bank, and the woman at the counter told me there is no minimum deposit.
I really like my culture and i am glad there are telling more over people about the greatness of Japan! Thank you for these information cause recently i struggle a lot opening an account in japan. I have read in a certain website that when you open an account in some banks in Japan, you still need to wait 6 months before a remittance from abroad can be transferred. I’ve just arrived in Japan on a Working Holiday Visa which expires in 6 months, after which I intend to apply for another 6 month extension. Hi thanks a lot for your information, and do you know if there are any agencies regarding taxes from working in Japan if your a US citizen. There was no English support – so talking to the staff in Japanese was a must and also the booklet they gave with the terms and conditions was all Japanese. This article is primarily aimed at those who are intending to live in Japan, need to know how banks work in Japan, and how to open a bank account. A general overview of banking services, and related information, for those who are passing through Japan as tourists or on business can be found at Banks & Money in Japan.

Japanese banks can provide an excellent service if you are familiar with the many facilities they provide. You need to open a bank account to get a phone line or cell phone in Japan, so it is on the list of first things to do once you get to Japan as a new resident. To open a bank account in Japan you will need to show your Alien Registration Card, an ID card that all foreigners are legally obliged to apply for after an initial stay of 90 days. Working out bills, late fees, and payments may be difficult if your Japanese language skills are not the best. You can also pay your bills at the banks, but banks in Japan operate at snail's pace, and even transactions as simple as this involve a lot of waiting. Japan is predominately a cash society so there is no checking, and cashing a check sent from overseas can be a problem. Japanese ATMs usually offer their services in other languages, nearly always English, but often Portuguese as well.
To pay a deposit or send a bank transfer from an ATM, enter the required information, which includes the name of the intended recipient, the recipient's bank and branch, their bank account number, your information, and the amount being sent. There is a charge for doing this, and the charge depends on the amount of money you're sending and the bank it is being sent to.
There is no limit on the amount of any currency that may be brought into or taken out of Japan. You can withdraw cash using your international brand credit, debit, prepaid and cash cards nationwide at ATMs of Japan Post Bank and Seven Bank.
Seven Bank has over 16,828 ATMs (May 2011) at 7-Eleven Convenience stores nationwide and other places. Before you rush and fill this out, please note that this is will be written in the Japanese imperial year format.
He said you can make a cash withdrawal of up to 100,000yen and a 200,000 yen worth of purchase. During bank hours, there isn't a charge at your own bank's machine, but if you're using another bank's ATM, the charge applies. Doing the paperwork for this service is well worth the effort, especially if you are not fluent in the Japanese language.

Remember that personal checks are not used in Japan, so you cannot put a check in the mail; however, you can pay your bills at any convenience store - along with, perhaps, your lunch and choice of beverage.
Japanese banks will not cover part of an expense, so if you don't have sufficient funds in your account, a debit card transaction (rare as debit cards are in Japan) will not go through. There is a slot for your bankbook which lights up after you have inserted your cash card into the machine. Not only do they take and dispense money and keep your bankbook current, they allow you to buy such things as airline tickets and, chances are, anything else that requires a deposit. However, if you transport (any currencies, checks, securities or other monies) exceeding 1,000,000 yen worth in Japanese currency into or out of the country then you must complete a customs declaration. Coins are available in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 yen and bank notes in denominations of 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 yen.
Citibank ATMs are also in service but number of ATMs is very limited with most of their ATMs located in major international airports and in their branch offices. Most of them are located within the Post Offices but some of them are located at train stations and super markets. The ATM updates your passbook with your withdrawals and deposits, bills paid, and anything else that has happened in your account since it was last updated.
Japanese ATMs allow you to withdraw large amounts of money, so you can have plenty for traveling around during those holidays. In smaller banks you just walk up to the teller, but the bigger banks require you to take a number from a dispensing machine and wait your turn.
It was hard enough to open that damn thing, now I have to go to a different bank because JP will not remove the stamp before I have stayed in the country for six months.
Please advice me on how will I ever have a Paypal in Japan as soon ASAP as I am really working on it for the last 6 days and methods of payments are all new to me as I haven’t have any experience of any of it all.

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