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Penny stocks, due to their tiny share prices, allow online investors to buy large numbers of shares.
Just a small amount of hype or negativity can have a large effect on a penny stock's share price. Many penny stocks also trade on the generally unregulated Pink Sheets and OTC Bulletin Board markets, considered to be the Wild Wild West of online investing. Read the warnings from regulators: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has released multiple warnings to investors about investing in penny stocks. Double-check that you can't do better: With thousands of stocks listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ, you should be able to find a listed stock you'd like to invest in.

Cash balance in the abc's of all do i have a qualifying transfer will help you want to invest in penny stock brokers to trading penny stocks. Owning large chunks of stock is appealing, but penny stocks can also be easily manipulated. Unlike giant stocks like Exxon or Microsoft, which are so valuable that you'd need billions of dollars to budge the stock, penny stocks can be nudged with just a few hundred bucks. StockPatrol also features in-depth investigative reports of companies, including many penny stocks. StockPatrol's search feature can show you whether a stock you're interested in has been written about.

Just reading the stories, meanwhile, can give you an idea on how to investigate penny stock companies.

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